Snap up the 10 best young defenders in FIFA 20 Career Mode

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By Jake Tucker
Attackers win games, but defenders win titles and if you're looking to shore up your backline on FIFA 20, these are the bright young CBs to look out for.
If you're hoping to win matches in FIFA 20, you're going to need some solid centre-backs. After all, your central defenders are going to have to play against some of the best goal scorers in the business.
These guys are your main line of defence and if you want to have a successful run at the FIFA 20 Career Mode, you're going to want to recruit a couple of young CBs to give you a killer defence for several seasons as soon as they reach their peak.
Scouting out the defenders of the future can be a bit of a daunting task, but we've dug into the cream of the crop in the 20–24 age bracket, so buy these players and sit them on your bench, ready to move into your first-team once FIFA 20's best defenders start to decline. Not all of these options are cheap, but they're going to pay off over the next few seasons. So, pick someone in your budget and snap 'em up.
1. Milan Škriniar (OVR 86 – POT 90)
A screenshot of Inter Milan's Milan Skriniar on FIFA 20.
Inter's Milan Škriniar is one of the strongest defenders on the game
Value: £43.1 million (£76.5m release clause)
Wage: £180,000 a week
Club: Inter Milan
Position: CB
Age: 24
Milan Škriniar has made a major impact in real world football, snagging numerous caps for Slovakia and over 100 Serie A appearances, earning a role as a regular starter in Inter Milan's defence for the entirety of the 2018-19 season, when the team conceded just 33 goals.
This is astounding and it's earned him an overall rating of 86 and a potential rating of 90. This guy is probably the strongest on the list, even if you're going to need a big budget to land him. The good news is that buying him isn't just an investment: he can slot into most teams straight away and should make a big difference to your fortunes.
2. Clément Lenglet (OVR 85 – POT 89)
Value: £37.4 million (£79.5 million release clause)
Wage: £154,000 a week
Club: FC Barcelona
Position: CB
Age: 24
A screenshot of Barelona's Clement Lenglet in FIFA 20.
Barelona's Clément Lenglet is commanding in the air
Clément Lenglet is another first-teamer, making 45 appearances for Barcelona this year, part of which led to the Spanish behemoths winning La Liga for a second consecutive year, in addition to Spain's Super Cup. He's made a real impact in his first season and he could be yours.
While his overall rating in-game is 86, he's got a lot going for him. He has a pace of 75 that makes him not only one of the fastest centre-backs out there, but a get-out-of-jail-free card if you get caught unaware and need someone to charge in for a last-minute interception. He's got a potential score of 89, so he could grow to be a constant in any team if you can pay the steep costs.
3. José Giménez (OVR 85 – POT 89)
A screenshot of Jose Gimenez of Athletico Madrid in FIFA 20.
José Giménez is an explosive player and a worthy addition to most teams
Value: £37.4 million (£79.5 million release clause)
Wage: £61,000
Club: Atletico Madrid
Position: CB
Age: 24
A regular for Atletico Madrid ever since he first signed in 2013, José Giménez has a lot of experience for a 24-year-old centre-back and even started in the Europa League final in 2018, when Atletico won the competition. Not to mention the 56 caps he's already snagged for Uruguay. This probably explains his overall rating of 85 and the potential rating of 89 is nothing to sniff at either.
Giménez is well-suited to defence, with defensive stats of 86, and picking him up (again, pricey) is akin to building a little wall around your box for the next eight seasons.
4. Niklas Süle (OVR 85 – POT 90)
Value: £38.3 million (£66 million release clause)
Wage: £101,000 a week
Club: Bayern Munich
Position: CB
Age: 23
A screenshot of Bayern Munich's Niklas Sule in FIFA 20.
Niklas Süle is an absolute powerhouse in FIFA 20
Niklas Süle has been tearing up the Bundesliga since he signed with Bayern Munich back in 2017, having been part of the line-up that's won two Bundesliga titles, two German Super Cups and a German Domestic Cup.
Another pacy defender, Süle brings an overall ability score of 85 to the table, with a pace rating of 72 and the opportunity for things to grow into an overall of 90.
5. Lucas Hernandez (OVR 84 – POT 89)
A screenshot of Bayern Munich's Lucas Hernandez in FIFA 20.
Bayern Munich's Lucas Hernandez has huge potential on FIFA 20
Value: £31.2 million (£53.9 million release clause:)
Wage: £97,000 a week
Club: Bayern Munich
Positions: CB, LB
Age: 23
Another Bayern Munich defender, Lucas Hernandez signed with the German giants for a whopping £72 million over the summer.
He's probably going to need a season before you can even think about signing him, but Hernandez is one of the best defenders on this list. With 81 pace, 83 defending and a potential score of 89, he's a great pick if you can wait around for him. He can also play, with a little less success, as a left back, making him a great choice to bolster your team.
6. Manuel Akanji (OVR 83 – POT 88)
Value: £26 million (£44.8 million release clause)
Wage: £67,000 a week
Club: Borussia Dortmund
Position: CB
Age: 23
A screenshot of Dortmund's Manuel Akanji in FIFA 20.
Dortmund's Manuel Akanji has an overall potential of 88
This Swiss central defender has made one hell of an impact since signing with Dortmund at the start of 2018, making over 40 Bundesliga appearances to wrestle a spot on the first team.
He can do the same for you, bringing his impressive 78 pace and 83 defensive stats to your line-up. His overall score is 83 right now, but it's the potential 88 that gets him a spot on the team.
7. Davinson Sánchez (OVR 83 – POT 87)
A screenshot of Tottenham's Davinson Sanchez in FIFA 20.
Davinson Sánchez can more than hold his own against the strongest strikers
Value: £25.1 million (£48.3 million release clause)
Wage: £82,000 a week
Club: Tottenham
Position: CB
Age: 23
Colombian Davinson Sánchez has been a solid part of Tottenham's line-up ever since he signed for the North London club in 2017. He's made 82 appearances for Spurs since and he's been dominant for the team.
In FIFA 20 terms, he's going places. He's got a potential 87 rating and starts with an 83 defending and 81 physicality. You want a defender with strong physicality somewhere, because eventually you're going to need to tussle with a big midfielder and you need a defender that can take it on the nose and win these one-on-one battles.
8. Jonathan Tah (OVR 83 – POT 88)
A screenshot of Bayern Leverkusen's Jonathan Tah in FIFA 20.
Bayern Leverkusen's Jonathan Tah has world class potential
Value: £26 million (£46.1 million release clause)
Wage: £59,000 a week
Club: Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Position: CB
Age: 23
Jonathan Tah is a solid centre-back that has been playing for Bayer 04 Leverkusen since he was 19, also earning eight caps for Germany. In the real world, he's underselling his world-class potential somewhat, but he's just 23 and still has time.
In FIFA 20 however he brings an overall rating of 83 to your team, with a potential ability of 88. His defending stat is a very respectable 83 and he's 6'5" (198cm), so he should be winning most balls for you in the air and bringing some physicality to your backline as well.
9. Alessio Romagnoli (OVR 83 – POT 89)
A screenshot of AC Milan's Alessio Romagnoli in FIFA 20.
AC Milan's Alessio Romagnoli is a solid CB with strong potential
Value: £26.8 million (£51 million release clause)
Wage: £40,000 a week
Club: AC Milan
Position: CB
Age: 23
10 caps, 155 appearances: Alessio Romagnoli has been good for AC Milan since he joined in 2015, after he moved from Roma for a fairly impressive £22.5 million.
The Italian will set you back around £30 million, which might seem like a lot for an overall stat of 83, but he has a potential overall of 89 and he's got a defending stat of 85, so he'll make a solid, if fairly plain, addition to your team in a few seasons.
10. Presnel Kimpembe (82 OVR – 87 POT)
Value: £22 million (£42.4 million release clause)
Wage: £66,000 a week
Club: PSG
Position: CB
Age: 23
A screenshot of Presnel Kimpembe in FIFA 20.
With 88 aggression and 84 strength, Kimpembe is a bulldog at the back
Presnel Kimpembe has form. After working his way up through the youth system, the French player stepped up to the first team for PSG in March 2015. Since then, he's helped the team win four back-to-back Ligue 1 trophies and was part of the French side that won the World Cup in 2018. Not bad for a 23-year-old.
Kimpembe is another defender that you can send head-to-head with anyone daring to step into your box. With 88 aggression and 84 strength, he's a bulldog at the back and if you're willing to activate his £42.4 million release clause and can meet the £66,000 a week wage demands, he's a great opportunity. 82 overall is low, 87 potential isn't much better, but his physical stats are superb.