Fireworks - 'Oh, Common Life' Album Premiere

Be the first to listen to the awesome upcoming album from Detroit rock band Fireworks.
By Richard S. Chang
2 min readPublished on
"Oh, common life has somehow sunk its teeth into me, so I suck the venom out of my fingers until they bleed," David Mackinder sings in the Detroit rock band Fireworks' new album, 'Oh, Common Life,' out March 25 on Triple Crown Records. It's available for advance stream now in the player below.
The album comes after the band -- Mackinder, guitarist Chris Mojan, bassist Kyle O’Neil, guitarist Brett Jones, keyboardist Adam Mercer and drummer Tymm Rengers -- took a temporary hiatus following their 2011 album 'Gospel' to return to "common" life.
“Everything was getting to be a little much,” Mojan says. “We’re all in our mid-to-late 20s and these are still formative years – we’re all wading into actual adulthood these days. There was a lot of pressure in our lives, in our relationships with people at home.”
The band continued to write during their break, and last summer they returned to the studio to record 'Oh, Common Life,' an intensely personal album filled with reflection and melancholy. Mackinder's father died in 2011, and the loss colors the album; the void in Mackinder's life is felt throughout, especially in songs like 'The Only Thing That Haunts This House Is Me' and 'The Hotbed Of Life.'
'Oh, Common Life' is also a very strong album with searing melodies and clear lyrics that never lapses into sappiness -- not an easy accomplishment when dealing with sepia-hued memories.
"We took a very selfish approach to this record," Mojan told us recently. "We took some time off and really just wrote the record we wanted to write. In turn, it ended up being our most personal record."