Floating fat bike crosses 439-mile Texas coastline

Floating Bike Crosses 439-mile Texas Coastline

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Aboard a unique floating bike, Austin Horse rode and swam from Mexico to Louisiana to celebrate Texas's Open Beaches Act.

Houston-raised New York City bike messenger Austin Horse decided to return home for a celebration — to observe Texas's Open Beaches Act.

Yes, Virginia, fat bikes float.Austin Horse

With free and unrestricted access to beaches bordering the seaward shore of the Gulf of Mexico, Horse set out to enjoy every inch of his home state of Texas's 439-mile shoreline.

"Yes, Virginia, fat bikes float," confirms Austin Horse. In six days, Horse rode — and swam, utilizing the buoyancy of his 26-pound fat bike's high volume tires for flotation — from Mexico to Louisiana. Why? "Because public spaces should be preserved for all to enjoy," says Horse." Well played, Austin.