Gee in course prep at Red Bull Rampage 2012

Four by Three: Gee Atherton at Rampage trailer

© Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

A preview of the latest short film in the Four by Three series that focuses on the Atherton family

The latest film in the Four by Three series focuses on Gee Atherton as he takes part in Red Bull Rampage 2012.

Gee has taken part in previous Rampage contests with a best finish of second in 2010 but he still sees Rampage as the ultimate test of his talents as a mountain bike rider.

Our exclusive trailer from the latest film has Gee discussing a particular part of his riding line at this year's Rampage, a big step down that he and his team have built and prepared in the mid-section of the course.

For Gee, perfecting this transfer is all about being mentally and physically committed but sometimes things can go wrong.

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