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Five Beautiful Locations to Capture Pictures in Ghost of Tsushima
Get inspired to snap some amazing images for Red Bull Capture Point in these stunning settings.
By Jakejames Lugo
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It’s pretty obvious that Ghost of Tsushima is a beautiful looking game on PlayStation consoles. Every inch of the gorgeous world within the game can be part of a carefully crafted composition and framed on someone’s wall. But where are some good spots in Tsushima to settle down and take a few stunning photos to share with everyone?
In this feature, we’ll run through a few solid locations in Ghost of Tsushima that will help you get started snapping in-game photos for Red Bull Capture Point (be sure to show us some of them on Twitter using the hashtags #RedBullCapturePoint and #Contest). Here are five beautiful locations to take pictures in Ghost of Tsushima.
Mount Jogaku in Ghost of Tsushima
Mount Jogaku in Ghost of Tsushima

Mount Jogaku

At the northern part of Tsushima lies the cold, frosty mountains. Jin makes his way up north as you progress the main story, with the plot growing colder as you go. You can take in the frozen landscape and its many cliffs to set up a cool photo, with some of the frozen ponds and snowy trees in the background. It also helps to have flurries falling from the sky for that extra winter effect around you — although it might be a smart idea to equip one of the warmer armor sets when you do so. It can get real cold up there!
Ghost of Tsushima's Wakou Island is a perfect place for a beachside photo.
Wakou Island from Ghost of Tsushima

Wakou Island

Need a photo of you practicing your samurai moves by the beach? We’ve got you covered with the perfect spot. How do crashing waves behind you and a sunset to warm up the sand beneath your feet sound? Wakou Beach is at the southern part of Tsushima island and has a number of collectibles you can pick up along the way, should you decide to visit it. In the far distance at sea, you can see ships sailing around for most of the day cycle, except for when there’s bad weather. There’s something poetic about having a samurai train at the break of dawn or at sunset on a secluded beach.
Ghost of Tsushima's Golden Temple
Ghost of Tsushima's Golden Temple

Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is one of the more colorful locations in Ghost of Tsushima. Not only do you have the golden leaves blowing in the wind around you, but you have the elegant towers that stand tall there, too. It’s a great location to set up visually pleasing shots with people in the background, one with a different flavor of falling particles than anywhere else in Tsushima. The early morning or afternoon is the most ideal time for the best shots at the Golden Temple, but the nighttime looks very good when there’s a clear sky and the moon is out above the temple.
Castle Kaneda in Ghost of Tsushima
Castle Kaneda in Ghost of Tsushima

Castle Kaneda

While not the most welcoming location in Ghost of Tsushima, Castle Kaneda is one of the best locations for moody or dramatic shots. The ongoing fires and debris all around emanate the harsh aftereffects of war in Tsushima, as well as some of the personal drama for Jin Sakai during the main story. And when it rains on this scarred battlefield, the emotion of everything pictured will jump out of the frame. This is not a good place, but a sadistically beautiful one fit for the life of a samurai.
The Field of Equinox Flowers in Ghost of Tsushima
The Field of Equinox Flowers in Ghost of Tsushima

Field of Equinox Flowers

As is the trope with all samurai films, there has to be at least one battle in an open field. But what about one with flowers? Whether at night or during the break of day, the Field of Equinox Flowers is a poetically damning and elegant location for snapshots. The flowers paint the field a gorgeous red, which can set a powerful visual atmosphere when shot from the right angle. On clear nights within the game, you can get some truly breathtaking pictures with the camera tilted upward to catch the stars or moon in the distance. And during the day, the sun illuminates a serene field that looks absolutely beautiful in motion.
These are only five beautiful locations that can be found within Ghost of Tsushima, but there are many more. What are some of your favorite locations to get that perfect shot? Share your best shots with #RedBullCapturePoint and #Contest on Twitter to join the action and, if you’re based in the United States, enter the Red Bull Capture Point competition!