A Peugeot L750R Hybrid Vision Gran Turismo takes a long corner on the Red Bull Ring in the game Gran Turismo 7.
© Polyphony Digital/Sony

Sneak a peek at these incredible shots of Gran Turismo 7's Red Bull Ring

With Gran Turismo 7 officially released today, what better time to give you an exclusive look at the Red Bull concept cars and Speilberg race track that feature in the game.
By Ric Cowley
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Gran Turismo 7 is set to be one of the best entries in the series yet, with Polyphony's 25 years of experience on the franchise and the sheer power of the PlayStation 5 creating the most realistic, utterly gorgeous game to date. And as the series continues to draw from real-world racing to make for the ultimate driving simulation, it gives fans the opportunity to race on well-known circuits and take their fantasy cars out for a drive whenever they like, in whatever conditions they choose.
Since Gran Turismo 6, race fans have been able to put tyres to tarmac on the Red Bull Ring, a stunningly realised version of the track based in Spielberg, Austria. And we're delighted to say that the Red Bull Ring has returned for Gran Turismo 7, taking advantage of the PlayStation 5's technology to create the most realistic version of the track yet.
We have some screenshots of the Red Bull Ring that we can exclusively share with you here and we think you'll agree that it looks absolutely stunning. Whether you're racing in perfect conditions or through heavy rain, you'll get the full experience of navigating this amazing circuit – and don't forget to drop into Photo Mode and take your own snaps to show to your friends.
A Red Bull X2014 racing past the Red Bull Ring's iconic leaping bull  in the video game Gran Turismo 7.
Red Bull Ring's leaping bull is recreated in GT7
Sergio Perez racing past the Red Bull Ring's iconic leaping bull during the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix.
Sergio Pérez races past the iconic leaping bull in a similar scene
Even on its own, Gran Turismo 7's recreation of the Red Bull Ring is stunning, but compare it to the real Red Bull Ring and you'll find it hard to pick apart the differences. The level of care and attention that has gone into recreating the circuit extends beyond the turns and straights, and out into the mountains beyond, as you can see from the photo above of the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix.
But that's not all. Also returning for this latest entry are a collection of Red Bull concept cars from past titles, starting off with the Red Bull X2014, a car designed exclusively for the Gran Turismo series in collaboration with Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey. First appearing in GT6, the X2014 is designed to be the fastest car ever, ignoring real-world restrictions to create a car that could only exist in the world of Gran Turismo.
The X2014 is an absolute monster of a machine and you'll need to be a talented driver to tame it, but once you've got it under your control, you can experience a drive like nothing else and one that you simply wouldn't be able to recreate in real life.
A Red Bull X2014 turning into the Red Bull Ring's first corner in the video game Gran Turismo 7.
The Red Bull X2014 at the Red Bull Ring's first corner
Max Verstappen races during the 2021 Grand Prix of Styria at the Red Bull Ring, free practice.
Max Verstappen races towards the first corner of the Red Bull Ring
That's not all, as the Peugeot L750R Hybrid Vision Gran Turismo from GT Sport will also be making an appearance, along with the Red Bull X2019 Competition and the X2014's smaller variant, the Red Bull X2014 Junior.
Gran Turismo 7 is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 today, bringing the ultimate driving simulation to your screens once again. The Red Bull Ring, Red Bull X2014 and other Red Bull cars will be yours to find, so strap in, rev your engines and get racing today to try out these unbelievable cars on one of the most exciting circuits out there. And check out more screenshots of the Red Bull Ring and Red Bull cars in action in our gallery below.