Wolfgang Siess performing a speedrun over a ski slope with his hang glider

High-Flying Hang Gliders Soar Down a Ski Slope

Why ski when you can fly? Watch this hang gliding trio zoom down an alpine resort.

If you consider yourself a hardcore skier, it goes without saying that being first to the top of the mountain matters.

And when thinking about the maiden run of the day, most dream about carving through freshly-groomed snow on a new pair of skis.

Except for hang glider pilots Matjaž Klemenčič, Wolfgang Siess and Suan Selenati.

Arriving at the Italian resort of Zoncolan, the trio swapped their skis for hang gliders and carved down the ski slope, reaching speeds of 65 mph a mere three feet above the ground.

Watch the video above to get a feel for this craziness.

Matjaž Klemenčič performing during a speed run with his paraglider above a ski slope
Matjaž Klemenčič in full action mode© Uroš Rojc

“The idea originated from Kitzbühel, Austria, where this kind of hang gliding already existed a long time ago, but got scrapped due to its dangerous nature,” Klemenčič explained.

When Selenati, caretaker of one of the chalets on the resort, told the guys that his backyard had perfect terrain for speed running, the crew got together and things started rolling.

Wolfgang Siess performing a speedrun over a ski slope with his hang glider
Wolfgang Siess changed the scenery that day© Uroš Rojc

"The biggest challenge was the logistics. Getting our hang gliders to the top proved to be quite a feat and we also had to be there very early, as good flying conditions only occur in the morning," added Klemenčič.

Wolgang Siess performing a speedrun over a ski slope with his hang glider
Wolgang Siess made some heads turn© Uroš Rojc

The trio only had one chance of nailing their speed run before the slopes became overly occupied by regular skiers.

Suan Selenati is first on tracks
Suan Selenati is first on tracks© Uroš Rojc

And how did they cope with fast-flying hang gliders zooming right above their heads?

“Wolfi swooped just above a group of Carabinieri and we didn’t really know what their reaction was, but they came and congratulated all of us at the end of the day,” says Klemenčič.

By Luka Krajnik