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Culture, sports, fashion, music: How Atlanta influences everything

In the debut episode of Hoops Passport in partnership with Sports Illustrated, Chris "Lethal Shooter" Matthews and Chloe Pavlech explore what makes Atlanta thrive beyond the game of basketball.
By Gizelle Mcbride
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When it comes to influence and impact on culture in America, Atlanta, GA sits at the epicenter of a movement. A city rich in sports, art, food, fashion, and music, Atlanta has become known as a centralized hotbed of all things dope fueled by a flourishing network of rising talent beholden to a grassroots community.
Chris "Lethal Shooter" Matthews and Chloe Pavlech make a stop in ATL
Chris "Lethal Shooter" Matthews and Chloe Pavlech make a stop in ATL
On our first stop in the all-new series, Hoops Passport in association with Sports Illustrated, we hop a flight with Chris “Lethal Shooter” Matthews and Chloe Pavlech down to the ATL to learn more about what truly makes Atlanta the city of dreams, and how the game of basketball has influenced a community that continues to drive the city forward.
But what really makes Atlanta so special? What’s the secret sauce? WNBA veteran and business owner Tamera “Ty” Young walks us through everything you need to know about the culture of the city and what it truly takes to thrive in a land of opportunity.
Tamera "Ty" Young
Tamera "Ty" Young
The love for this city and the support we have for each other makes Atlanta really special.
Tamera "Ty" Young

What makes Atlanta such a special place to call home?

Ty Young: The love for this city and the support we have for each other makes Atlanta really special. Atlanta is a place that anyone from any background can come, call home, and find other likeminded people to connect and collaborate with.

Take us back to the moment you learned that you would be the first-ever draft pick to the Atlanta Dream. What did that day feel like, and what thoughts ran through your mind?

Ty Young: That day was so surreal. I couldn’t believe my dream had finally come true because I had worked so hard to reach that moment and it was finally there. It was an amazing day having my family and coach with me to celebrate. It was also my first time flying first class, and in that moment I felt like I was finally living my dream vs. just working toward it.

How has the culture of Atlanta influenced your desire to build a brand?

Ty Young: You can't help but to live here and catch a vibe. Atlanta culture and the people that call it home have played a major part in influencing my brand and personal aspirations as an entrepreneur. The love and support that people show others here is reflective of a city that is not only full of entrepreneurs but also dedicated to supporting its people.

Hoops Passport Atlanta shoot with Ty Young
Hoops Passport Atlanta shoot with Ty Young

What advice would you give to athletes looking to transition their career and build longevity for life after basketball?

Ty Young: Start networking while you are still playing. Be authentic and true to who you are. Find something you are passionate about outside of basketball and start going after it while you’re still playing.

What are some things that you’d like to see happen in the world of women’s basketball moving forward?

Ty Young: I would like to see women be more committed to the game. A lot of women complain about [having] more opportunities to play, but when the opportunities are created a lot of women are not committed to following things through.

Top three Atlanta music artists/songs in your playlist right now:

Ty Young: My top three right now are "Come Thru" by Trouble, "Wait for You" by Future, and "Let's Get It" by Hunxho.

Last but not least, we need your hot list of dope things in the A. What are the top spots that people should know about?

Ty Young: Thought you'd never ask.


Where to play hoops

Jahi Rawlings
Jahi Rawlings

Where to shop

Chloe Pavlech visits Wish ATL
Chloe Pavlech visits Wish ATL

Where to catch a vibe

Chloe Pavlech, Jahi Rawlings, and Chris "Lethal Shooter" Matthews talk shop
Chloe Pavlech, Jahi Rawlings, and Chris "Lethal Shooter" Matthews talk shop

Where to connect

Clark Atlanta University
Clark Atlanta University

How to watch Hoops Passport Atlanta

Check out Hoops Passport on Sports Illustrated here and keep scrolling for behind-the-scenes photography from stop #1 - the ATL.
Story headline inspired by the originators of the phrase 'Atlanta Influences Everything'.

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