How to play Fizz: Character and strategy guide for League of Legends

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Everything you need to know about Fizz.
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Fizz the Tidal Trickster is a popular champion in League of Legends for his fun amphibian-themed abilities that work well with the Assassin playstyle. If you're a beginner, Fizz is definitely a challenging character to main, but people with intermediate League skills can use Fizz's speed and versatility to systematically take down other champions. Fizz's abilities rely on redirection and misdirection to confuse your opponents. Building the right items, selecting certain runes, and using a tested laning strategy can help you have a great time playing as Fizz while leveraging his unique skills to win the game.


Fizz starts with the passive ability Nimble Fighter, which makes him permanently ghosted and able to move through other units. Nimble Fighter gives Fizz a flat rate of protection against each hit, with up to a possible 50% reduction in damage. In addition to this innate ability, Fizz has four main moves:
  • Urchin Strike: This is a dash attack where Fizz deals magic damage, physical damage, and on-hit effects to enemies within a certain range. Urchin Strike is great for locking onto a moving target and getting in range to deal a combo of powerful attacks.
  • Seastone Trident: This attack deals extends magic damage while charging up other attacks. If Fizz takes down a target with Seastone Trident, the cooldown time for the ability drops to one second and you get back a little extra mana. After a non-fatal hit with Seastone Trident, Fizz's other basic attacks get a temporary boost in stats.
  • Playful/Trickster: These two moves work together to become one of the more powerful abilities of any champion in League. Playful allows Fizz to balance on his trident and become briefly un-targetable by enemies. After this period of invulnerability, Fizz deals magic damage and slows down his target for two seconds. Once Fizz uses the Playful ability, he can also activate Trickster and deal additional damage to nearby enemies.
  • Chum the Waters: Fizz shoots a lure at a target area, attracting a shark that will latch onto a champion and slow them down before exploding, dealing damage to the champion and any minions in the area. The farther the lure travels before connecting with a champion, the more powerful the attack will be.
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There is some flexibility when it comes to Fizz's item build, but many players recommend Dorian's Ring and two Health Potions. This combination allows you to start with boosted health and ability stats in addition to doing extra physical damage on minions. You can also choose the Corrupting Potion if you want an item that applies negative status effects to the enemy while helping Fizz regain health and mana.
Start your game off strong by building Hextech Protobelt-01 for its aggressive dash effect that combines well with Urchin Strike. Next, craft the Sorcerer's Shoes to increase Fizz's already impressive speed and agility. Lich Bane provides a passive status effect to increase power while Zhonya's Hourglass gives Fizz extra moments of invulnerability. To finish your Fizz build, use Rabadon's Deathcap or Void Staff, two items that work well once Fizz has already leveled up and gained power.


With a pick rate of over 97 percent, Fizz's most popular and reliable Summoner Spells are Flash and Ignite. Flash teleports your champion towards the cursor, which combines well with all of Fizz's dash moves. Ignite deals damage and lowers healing effects for five seconds.


The best primary Rune Path to use when maining Fizz is Domination, which supports an Assassin playstyle and improves Fizz's attacks. A great combination of runes for the Domination path is Electrocute, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, and Ravenous Hunter. For the secondary Rune Path, you can be successful with Precision by selecting Triumph and Coup de Grace. Inspiration also makes a great secondary Rune Path with the Minion Dematerializer and Time Warp Tonic.

Leveling Strategy

Leveling your abilities in order is key to playing Fizz successfully. Fizz can have kill pressure on an opponent as early as level 2 if you can level up before your opponents. Start by taking Playful/Trickster as your first ability to boost your defenses. Take Seastone Trident at level two to deal more damage, then take Urchin Strike at level three to start using aggressive combo attacks that combine all abilities. Put a point towards Chum the Waters whenever possible, but focus on getting the other abilities leveled up first.

Threats and Synergies for Fizz

Fizz plays best in the mid lane and counters well against Irelia, Swain, and Renekton. Wukong, Graves, and Malphite have strong counterattacks against Fizz, so pay attention to who you're playing against when selecting your main and deciding on a strategy. Fizz's biggest threat is Diana, whose strong tanky build easily takes down Fizz's Assassin playstyle.
Fizz has great synergy with aggressive top-lane picks like Elise and Aaatrox. Shen also provides strong synergy with Fizz, with Shen's defensive shielding perfectly complementing Fizz's stealthy moves. Because of his versatility, you'll be hard-pressed to find a champion that doesn't work well with Fizz, but Burst Mages like Sylas, Lux, and Neeko generally have the lowest synergy when working on the same team.
Leveling up quickly can help Fizz gain an early lead that other champions will struggle to overcome in the late game. However, Fizz is very vulnerable at the start of the game, so you should avoid going head-to-head with another champion until you have weakened them through multiple smaller distance attacks. With practice, Fizz is a fun character to play and a frustrating opponent who uses misdirection and a flexible skillset to get ahead.