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How to watch the Red Bull Soapbox Iowa race

Watch gamer GrandPooBear react to all the best Red Bull Soapbox action live on Twitch this Saturday!
By Alan Smithee
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Red Bull Soapbox America
Red Bull Soapbox America
Get ready to watch gamer, Super Mario Speedrunner, and content creator GrandPooBear react to and comment on all the hijinks from the Red Bull Soapbox Race this Saturday. Taking place at the Iowa State Capitol Complex in Des Moines, tune-in as the most fearless, fun-loving and foolhardy teams compete in the pinnacle of non-motor racing. Nearly 50 teams from across the country will propel their homemade carts down a custom, gravity-fueled course that consists of turns, jumps and obstacles. The teams will be judged on their creativity and soapbox cart design, showmanship of their 30-second skit, and race time to determine the overall winner. So join GrandPooBear as he provides his own hilarious take on the event, poses polls and questions, and jump online to chat with him in the comment section!
  • Who: GrandPooBear
  • What: Red Bull Soapbox livestream from Des Moines, Iowa only on Twitch
  • When: Saturday, June 18th | 12pm ~ 3:30pm local CT time
  • Why: Because it’s going to be awesome!!
About GrandPooBear:
David Hunt, known online as GrandPooBear, is an American video game streamer, speedrunner, and content creator who is primarily known for playing and creating levels for Super Mario Maker. Hunt grew up in Michigan, attended the University of Colorado Boulder, and was an avid snowboarder until an accident left him severely injured and while in rehabilitation, turned to video games during his recovery.
GrandPooBear Speedrunning
GrandPooBear Speedrunning
Hunt began his streaming career playing DayZ and soon moved on to Super Mario Bros. 3. After the 2015 release of Super Mario Maker, Hunt began learning Kaizo techniques from playing over 5,000 hours of the game, and created a series of video tutorials on Kaizo game mechanics with walkthroughs of his own levels. He is known for completing unique or different challenges, and became the first person to beat Super Mario Bros. 3 with the Nintendo Power Glove.
Hunt has also appeared at and hosted a number of speedrunning events and other video game tournaments, both in-person and virtual, including TwitchCon, Games Done Quick events, and his own events called GrandPooBear’s Speedrun Sessions to name a few.
About Red Bull Soapbox Race:
Red Bull Soapbox Soaring
Red Bull Soapbox Soaring
Red Bull Soapbox Race challenges the most fearless, fun-loving, and foolhardy teams to propel their homemade, non-motorized carts down a custom course that consists of turns, jumps, and obstacles. Teams of up to 5 members will perform a 30-second skit before propelling their cart down the course and hoping gravity is on their side.
Red Bull Soapbox Judges
Red Bull Soapbox Judges
Their driver will navigate obstacles in hopes of logging the fastest times, and creative themes will be on display from a variety of unique homemade soapbox carts. The teams will be judged on their creativity and soapbox cart design, showmanship of their skit, and race time to determine the overall winner.
Red Bull Soapbox flight
Red Bull Soapbox flight
Welcome to the pinnacle of non-motor racing!