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Proof That Kai Lenny Can Do It All

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What makes a waterman? Let's ask the surfer who can ride a wave on anything that floats.
By Josh T. SaundersPublished on
Kai Lenny takes the term "walking on water" to near biblical levels. The Maui surfer has made a name for himself by being pretty great at pretty much everything aquatic, and his most recent project adds another accomplishment to his laundry list of seafaring conquests. He'll paddle, tow-surf, kitesurf, windsurf, jetsurf or even stand-up paddle on a hydrofoil SUP three feet above the surface of the ocean. For Lenny, it's all in a day's work.
This hydrofoil creation in the video above comes as a result of years of R&D, and is only possible with a dialed and passionate understanding of the energy swirling around in the ocean, both above and below the surface.
A waterman really has no reason not be in the water.
Kai Lenny
As impressive as it is in isolation, the crazy part is how it's just another bullet point on Lenny's waterman résumé. Below, check out a season's worth of his exploits during some insane stretches of El Niño swell for a taste of his full body of work.

Kai Lenny's El Niño winter:

Now allow Lenny to elaborate on why his focus is so broad out at sea: "What I learn in paddleboarding benefits my towing, what I learn in kitesurfing benefits my windsurfing, my stand-up paddling benefits my big-wave riding and they all seem to benefit my surfing," says Lenny. "A waterman is someone who can do anything in the water at the highest level. Whether the waves are massive, it’s windy, it’s flat, it’s onshore, above water, below water … I’m able to use all of the different sports to complement each other. I’m always chasing that feeling that surfing gives me, I’m just able to tap into it with different equipment in any conditions."

Kai Lenny jetsurfing Jaws:

If there's a wave breaking in the ocean, there's a good chance Kai Lenny is surfing it. As for what he's riding it on ... your guess is as good as mine.