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Kris Bryant’s Greatest Hits

KB has given Chicago fans memories that will last a lifetime.
By Paul Yoffe
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Kris Bryant

A three-time All-Star and World Series champion, …

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Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant
It's official. Kris Bryant is a San Francisco Giant, folks! After seven memorable seasons with the Chicago Cubs, which included a Rookie of the Year award, NL MVP trophy and a World Series crown, he has taken his talents to the Bay Area where he continues to hit homeruns and do All-Star things.
As he returns to Chicago this weekend to play against his former team for the first time since the trade, we thought it was a good time to re-kindle some of his greatest Red Bull highlights – and man, were there plenty!
In chronological order we go, since we simply couldn’t rank these classics.

Milking Goats on the Farm

Well that’s a weird headline. But yes, before he got to the big leagues, Kris Bryant was a minor league farmhand in Iowa - milking cows, walking billy goats and smacking balls into cornfields – your quintessential farm experience. Chicago legends Mike Ditka, Joakim Noah, Ron Cey and Billy Corgan make cameos – because why not.

KB Goes Shark Diving in Hawaii

What’s an off-season vacation if you’re not swimming with sharks? But everyone can relax – he was safe - protected by a shark-proof cage. Oh, he also did some heli-diving – no biggie.

Kris Bryant “Transfers” Back to College

2016’s Prank of the Year. Before he won the World Series and fully blew up in the mainstream, he somehow tricked a community college baseball team into thinking he was a new transfer player. 19 million YouTube video views later, it’s still a classic!

Hall of Famer Greg Maddux Pranks KB

2017’s Prank of the Year. We turn the tables on KB, tricking him into thinking he was shooting a baseball workout video. Little does he know that the sound guy on the video crew is none other than Hall of Fame pitcher and four-time Cy Young Award winner Greg Maddux in disguise. Here’s what happened when Bryant allowed Greg Maddux aka “The Sound Guy” to throw him batting practice. 17 million YouTube video views and counting!

KB’s High School Homecoming

We sneak into his high school in Las Vegas and he shares a memory of shattering a car window with one of his epic homeruns. This was also where he met his future wife Jessica, who was his high school sweetheart. Awwww.
Baseball · 3 min
Kris Bryant Homecoming

Kris Bryant Supports Spinal Cord Injury Research

In honor of Wings for Life, Kris Bryant annually shined a light on spinal cord injury research by allowing artists to customize three pairs of game footwear for MLB’s “Players Weekend,” when players are allowed to re-imagine their gear. The footwear was then auctioned off to raise money for research. Spinal cord research is a cause near to Bryant because he is friends with Cory Hahn, a former All-American high school baseball player who was paralyzed sliding into 2nd base in 2011 while a freshman at Arizona State University.

A Baseball MVP in Lederhosen

During an adventure in beautiful Salzburg, Austria, KB was enlisted by to report from the historic Old Town section of town and see what the locals knew about baseball. Spoiler alert - it wasn’t much.

KB Has a Need for Speed

While on his honeymoon in Austria, KB visited the motorsports mecca known as the Red Bull Ring. On a slick 40-degree day, he hit a top speed of 111 mph. He also went drift training and rode shotgun in the KTM X-Bow, an ultra-light sports car that reached 125 mph with him holding on tight!

KB the Pizza Delivery Guy

In the 3rd installment of the prank trilogy, Kris disguises himself as the owner and operator of “Kristio’s Pizza & Wings” and delivers the goods to unsuspecting members of a few fantasy baseball drafts in progress. Where will KB go in the drafts and when will these fans realize he’s in the room?

KB and Dad: Father’s Day Special

All-access at the house that built KB. Kris’ father Mike allows the cameras into the inner Las Vegas lair and the cage where a baseball life was formed.
Baseball · 4 min
The House That Built Kris Bryant

KB’s Emoji Faces

Because one KB face is never enough!

KB Snags Fireballs at the Hot Corner

From swimming with sharks to playing with fire. This guy is dangerous! Gasoline was poured onto baseballs and blow-torched before Bryant snagged them at third base, which has historically been referred to as the “Hot Corner” because balls get smoked that way at speeds up to 125 mph.
Baseball · 2 min
Kris Bryant Dominates the 'Hot Corner'

Call Him Tricky Kris

Do try this at home kids!

What’s Inside a Baseball?

Be honest, have you ever seen the inside of a baseball before? This was oddly satisfying.

Sh*t Fantasy Baseball Fans Say

For all the fantasy nerds out there, this one’s for you!

KB’s “BP in the Streets”

KB had an official batting practice at the Chicago Riverwalk, where the north, south, and main branches of the Chicago River meet. With thousands of fans looking on, Bryant slammed balls into the river where kayakers were placed to scoop them up. This was epic.

Sh*t Cubs Fans Say

Cubs fans may shed a tear – and laugh – after watching this one.
Baseball · 3 min
Kris Bryant Imitates Cubs Fans

KB’s Obstacle Course

In his last performance before being traded, KB took on the ultimate baseball training precision challenge in an obstacle course baseball paradise
What adventures will KB take on in his new city? Whatever happens, Chicago will always have a special place in his heart.
Cheers to you, KB.
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Kris Bryant

A three-time All-Star and World Series champion, …

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