Logistx and Victor
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Breaking history: Logistx and Victor get on a limited-edition Red Bull can

World Champion breakers honored with limited-edition can. And, find out how to win a VIP trip to the 2022 Red Bull BC One World Final in New York City.
By Emmanuel Adelekun
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On November 12th, 2022, the prestigious Red Bull BC One World Final makes its historical return to the birthplace of hip-hop and breaking; New York City. Culminating in the biggest one-on-one breaking competition in the world, each year the best B-Boys and B-Girls battle it out for the coveted Red Bull BC One championship title.
In celebration of the World Final’s return to the Mecca of hip-hop, Red Bull BC One All Stars, Logistx and Victor, became the first breakers to have their images on a special, limited edition Red Bull can, released on August 1st, 2022. With hip-hop culture celebrating its 50th anniversary next year in 2023, and breaking set to make its debut in the 2024 Paris Games, the limited edition can represents another landmark moment in this pivotal time in breaking history.
In conversation with Logistx and Victor, they both expressed how monumental it was for family members to see them honored on a can of Red Bull Energy Drink in stores across the US.
“When I first saw the can in the store it was so exciting but also overwhelming,” said Logistx. “My family reminds me how much I deserve this, and I always remind myself as well, having dealt with imposture syndrome for a long time. I’m super happy for breaking and hip-hop to be represented in this way.”
Victor shared similar sentiment, “I’m excited! Seeing the limited-edition can in stores all over the country is pretty wild. The best part is how proud my family is.”
Logistx and Victor are no strangers to the world stage, with both breakers earning titles as Red Bull BC One World Final champs. Logistx won the crown at the 2021 Red Bull BC One World Final in Poland, becoming the youngest B-Girl to ever win the title, and Victor earned his world champ title at the 2015 Red Bull BC One World Final in Italy.
They will both compete in New York City to see if they can simultaneously claim their second Red Bull BC One World Final championship title in front of their home country crowd. “I’m so excited for Red Bull BC One World Finals to come back to the birthplace of hip- hop. It’s so beautiful and amazing, and New York City deserves it,” said Logistx. The community is thrilled to see this magical moment come to life.”
B-Girl Logistx
B-Girl Logistx
Since its birth in the Bronx borough of New York in the 1970s, breaking has gone from a dance practiced at block parties, on the streets, and in clubs, to a global phenomenon that has been taken up by thousands of individuals across the globe. The first ever Red Bull BC One World Final took place in 2004, and it was in 2009 when the World Final first came to New York City, held at Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center. Returning to the venue for the 2022 World Final, everything is set for an epic showdown in New York City between the best-of-the-best.
When it comes to inspiring the next generation of breakers, all eyes are on Logistx and Victor. With fans nationwide swooping up the limited-edition cans, the two breakers offered some advice for those looking to follow in their footsteps.
“If you have a vision and it feels right, don’t let anything take away from that,” shares Logistix. “Focus on the moment, practice with your community, be good to yourself and to others, and strive for love and to have a good heart. Be you and the right opportunities and people will come.
B-Boy Victor (center)
B-Boy Victor (center)
Victor stresses the importance of knowing the history of breaking and the predecessors, “You have to learn from the people who came before you, learn what breaking is all about, stay consistent, disciplined and push yourselves to be at the elite level. Training, training, training will get you there!”
Fans will have a chance to see Logistx and Victor compete at the Red Bull BC One World Finals via a VIP Red Bull experience by competing in the Red Bull BC One Game. Putting their judging skills to the test, fans will watch two pieces of iconic breaking clips from Red Bull dancers and guess who won each battle. Accumulating points for each correct answer, the player with the most points at the competition’s closing will win a Red Bull experience in New York City for the Red Bull BC One World Finals.
The Red Bull BC One Game closes on September 30, 2022, at 11:59pm PST, and is only open to US citizens who are 21 years old and over.
To see all the official rules, and enter the competition, fans should visit here.
For breaking fans who can’t get enough of Red Bull BC One, there is still the Finals of the Red Bull BC One Cypher going down in LA on September 17. The B-Boy and B-Girl who win this Cypher will compete in New York City against all the Cypher winners from around the world. On the line will be open spots in the World Final top 16 line up, to compete on November 12 for the Red Bull BC One crown. Fans can go to Redbullbcone.com for more info, and to also see what other Cypher qualifications are happening around the world, in the lead up to the World Final.