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Watch freeski legend Markus Eder ride his Ultimate Run

Descending ancient castles, street rails and massive backcountry sends, Markus Eder just proved why he’s one of the world’s most versatile freeskiers.
By Alastair Spriggs
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Nothing is impossible for Markus Eder when it comes to freeskiing.
The Italian rider has stood atop the podium at both Nine Knights and the Freeride World Tour, won the European Skier of the Year title and filmed multiple standout video parts for the infamous MSP films. He’s proven that he can ski any discipline at the highest level possible time after time – be it in streets, parks or big mountains.
Now, in his latest release, Eder showcases his versatility and range of mastery in what may be the most impressive top-to-bottom run in skiing history.
“I’ve always dreamt of showcasing all of my skiing in one big, flowy project,” said Eder. “Typically, I contribute to multiple projects throughout the year. But this time, I wondered what I could create if I put all of that energy into one vision – where everything I’ve lived for amounts to a 10-minute segment.”
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Markus Eder skiing the picturesque glaciers around the high peaks of Zermatt, Switzerland on May 14, 2021.
The glaciers around Zermatt make for a spectacular start
Following his Freeride World Tour Championship victory in March of 2019, Eder shifted his focus towards a large-scale personal project that would showcase his versatility on a pair of skis. The plan was to scour the South Tyrolean mountains of Italy and Switzerland’s Zermatt region in search of unique features that could edit into a top-to-bottom ski run. He presented the idea to the crew at Legs of Steel and they immediately jumped on board.
“From then on out, it wasn’t just my project, it was our project,” Eder added. “Everyone put so much energy into the project and believed in me, so I knew I couldn’t let them down – which meant I couldn’t get hurt.”
Markus Eder skis the final few metres of The Ultimate Run in Taufers Castle, Sand in Taufers, Italy on December 20, 2020.
Escaping the castle
All the stars aligned and we were able to finally turn my dream into a reality
Over the following two years, Eder and the crew travelled to ancient castles, high alpine peaks and even his home resort of Klausberg, Italy, to film The Ultimate Run. The full route begins in the big mountains of Zermatt, transitions into a resort shred at Klausberg, then into two separate street segments at Taufers Castle and an abandoned mining town near Luttach.
“I’ve envisioned myself riding the castle, as well as my line through Klausberg for some time now,” he added. “My dad was actually born in that castle and I learnt how to ski at Klausberg, so those two spots were extra special.”
But despite the unbelievable snow conditions, breathtaking features, dedicated film crew and absence of injury, this ambitious project presented its own unique setbacks. For Eder, these difficulties came in the form of pressure and isolation.
Markus Eder skiing a dream ice cave in Zermatt, Switzerland on April 28, 2021.
This ice cave was just one of the unique features
Markus Eder taking the fast exit out of the castle in Taufers Castle, Sand in Taufers, Italy on December 20, 2020.
Taufers Castle sets the scene for the film's ender
“The greatest challenge was that I was the only skier involved in the project,” explained Eder. “Since all the ideas came from my head and we assembled an all-star film crew, it placed a lot of pressure on my shoulders. Every shot had to line up with the next and an injury would derail the entire project.”
Completing The Ultimate Run is a true testament to his elite skiing abilities in the streets, park and backcountry. Professional freeskiers traditionally excel at one discipline only and may dabble in another. But Eder has reached the highest level possible in all three – a feat equivalent to winning an Olympic medal in 100m, 1,500m and the 5km track and field races – honing a degree of versatility he links to his overarching obsession with skiing.
“If I dedicate myself to the backcountry for a month, I can’t wait to push myself in the park the next,” he explained. “I get fired up to do to all styles of skiing, so when I get bored of one, I’ll transition straight into another.”
“I think that’s the secret to maintaining all my skiing abilities at such a high level.”
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