Anthony Davis gets pranked by Karl Malone.

NBA Legend Karl 'The Mailman' Malone Goes Undercover to Prank Anthony Davis

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Check out the hilarious prank Karl Malone delivers — in full disguise — to NBA superstar Anthony Davis.

As the second leading scorer in NBA history behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl "The Mailman" Malone always delivered.

Things haven’t changed much in retirement.

In what has to go down as the basketball prank of the year, New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis thought he was doing a basic basketball video shoot at a local gym. Little did he know that Hall of Famer, original 1992 Dream Teamer and Louisiana native Malone was disguised as “Sam the Maintenance Man” with one job to do around the gym: Be the ultimate nuisance to the video shoot and generally get on AD’s nerves.

Karl Malone gets his disguise done before tricking Anthony Davis.
Karl Malone in the makeup chair

“I got a call about pulling a prank on someone and first thing I said was, well who?” Malone asked. “They said AD, Anthony Davis. I said, wow, I’ll do it.”

Check out the video above to see the whole prank and big reveal.

Karl Malone in full janitor disguise to prank Anthony Davis.
Karl on sweeper

Malone was outfitted in a traditional janitor onesie, a wig of dreadlocks, glasses and extra padding in the tummy area. A hair and make-up artist added gray to his eyebrows and beard, with age lines in and around his eyes and mouth.

“I’m no longer The Mailman, I’m the maintenance man … Sam,” Malone joked.

Before AD arrived to the gym, Malone got into character by “cleaning the glass” on the backboard. “I’m the tall old man on the pole so I guess I got to clean the glass,” Malone said, “which I love.”

Karl Malone in janitor disguise to prank Anthony Davis.
Karl Malone in full janitor disguise

He also swept around the left post-up block on the court. In NBA circles, this is known as the Karl Malone spot because of how much damage he did to defenders down in that area.

“Come on into my office,” Malone said. “This is where I do my best work at. Right in here.”

Anthony Davis checks out the janitor Karl Malone during prank.
Anthony Davis checks out the "janitor"

After the unveil, a more serious conversation ensued between the two stars.

“I love how you do it out here,” Malone said to Davis, referring to his on-court arsenal.

Davis replied, “I watched a lot of film on you and how you do it. This is called your spot for a reason.”

At that point, Malone asked the cameras to cut so he could have a private conversation with AD. Malone proceeded to share some insights about playing off that left block, facing up, footwork, etc.

Karl Malone unveils he isn't just the janitor.
Karl Malone unveils who he really is to Anthony Davis

It was a magic moment between two Louisiana legends — one born there and one who plays for the hometown New Orleans Pelicans.

Maybe we'll see more collaborations between the two in the future. Now that would be a dream delivery.