Logistx stands on her hands with an arched back, performing a hollowback freeze during The Notorious IBE festival in Heerlen, The Netherlands, on August 11, 2019.
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9 facts you should know about breaking prodigy Logistx

Logistx battled her way to the top by beating the best of the best. Watch her win Red Bull BC One World Final 2021 and find out about her motivation and lifestyle here.
By Emmanuel Adelekun
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The last years have been somewhat of a whirlwind for B-Girl Logistx from California. In 2018, she defeated four of the top B-Girl's on the breaking scene to win the 2018 Silverback Open B-Girl competition. On that night she defeated Sarah Bee from France, two-time Outbreak Europe solo B-Girl Champion, Kate, Red Bull BC One World B-Girl Champion Ami and B-Girl Jilou from Germany. After her explosive win, the worldwide breaking scene suddenly all knew Logistx's name.
A few months later she won the Junior 7-To-Smoke battle at the 2019 Radikal Forze Jam in Singapore and then performed her solo piece, Pain is Reality, at the annual Breakin' Convention in London, England. She then returned to LA and at the dance showcase, Arena LA, performed the solo piece, Who You Are – which was choreographed by Emmy award-winning choreographer, B-Boy D-Trix. After her performance, Logistx performed an exhibition battle against the Red Bull BC One All Stars, with her crew Underground Flow. When the battle ended, Ronnie picked up the mic and told Logistx, in front of the whole audience, that the Red Bull BC One All Stars wanted her to join them as their newest and youngest crew member.
Since that moment Logistx has been travelling, teaching, battling, performing and working to use her ever-growing platform to give back to her community and all the people who helped her along the way. In 2021, her hard work and dedication culminated in her winning Red Bull BC One World Final 2021. But, even though the hip-hop dance scene is now well aware of her skills and performance ability, there are still a lot of things people don't know about her.
Watch her in the final battle against Vavi at Red Bull BC One World Final 2021 and find out nine facts you need to know:

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B-Girls final battle: Logistx vs Vavi

Watch B-Girls Logistx and Vavi go head-to-head in the final battle to win the Red Bull BC One crown for 2021.



She could have been a gymnast, but chose to dance instead

Logistx practised gymnastics for around three years. Her father got her into it, as he thought it'd help her with her breaking, which it did.
"I did gymnastics and that was a lot of conditioning and strength training," Logistx says. "They teach you how to channel that power with tumbling and apparatus like the bars. I feel that's where I got a lot of my strength from. Power moves like flares came easier for me because I had this shoulder and upper body strength."
Helping her to do the dynamic power moves that she's known for, Logistx was also put in the higher group for the strength section of gymnastics practice because even as a beginner she was one of the strongest in the gym. Gymnastics became something that Logistx really enjoyed but, in the end, she had to pick between gymnastics and dance as both were taking up a lot of time. She picked dance because it was bringing her more opportunities, and the rest is history.

Logistx was a power-head until she started dancing hip-hop

Logistx used to drill power a lot before she knew about the essence of the dance, saying she used to be stiff as a dancer. She credits pioneer hip-hop dancer Shotyme for helping her learn how to dance "up top." She did a job with Shotyme about four years ago, in LA. At the time she didn't know that there was a whole realm of hip-hop dance being practised by pioneer dancers such as Buddha Stretch, Link and Shotyme. Shotyme eventually took her under his wing, becoming her trainer and mentor.
B-Boy Samo, from X-Fens crew, is another breaker Logistx credits for helping and influencing her with her dancing, as he helped her before the 2018 Silverback Open.
Logistx balances on one hand and grabs her leg with the other hand

Logistx has her freezes and power moves down

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Her dad gave her the B-Girl name Logistx

Logistx got her B-Girl name from her father when she was about 10 years old. Her father noticed that she always needed an organised plan and logistical explanation for everything that she did and so he gave her the name Logistx.

She also sings

Logistx used to sing before she started dancing, but she put singing on hold as she got busier with dance. Now she's picking it back up at a local LA artist development studio.

The first battle Logistx ever saw was a Red Bull BC One Cypher

The 2012 San Diego Red Bull BC One Cypher was the first jam Logistx ever went to and even though there were no B-Girls competing, it became a dream of hers to compete at Red Bull BC One.
Group photo of the female Red Bull Dancers

Logistx with Ami, Dassy, Angyil and Kyoka

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Logistx is an all-round artist

Logistx doesn't only break and battle, she also performs, teaches and sings. She's involved in a lot of other creative things, such as choreography for groups, making treatments for music videos and even directing videos. Whether it's working on projects that express her creative vision or helping others to express theirs, Logistx sees herself as an artist working in the realm of creativity.

Logistx didn't want to dance until her dad tricked her into taking a class

Logistx says that she was too shy to want to start dancing and was instead interested in drawing and singing. One day her dad asked her if she wanted to take a dance class, but she declined. Then they went to what she thought was a drawing class, but when she opened the door she saw a bunch of kids dancing. Her dad pushed her into the class, said he would see her later and left.
"There was music playing and I was kind of scared, but then we started dancing and I was like, 'oh this is kind of fun,'" she explains. "Ever since then I loved to dance, even though parts of it are scary, or whatever, I really love it."
Later, Logistx saw a breaking class being taught by B-Girl Valpal. Valpal became Logistx's breaking teacher and main mentor as she progressed in the scene. Later Valpal recruited Logistx into her Underground Flow crew. At this time Logistx met Villn, Mpact and the rest of the crew; and Logistx credits them for inspiring her.

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B-Girl semi-final 1 – Ami vs Logistx

Watch as B-Girl Ami and B-Girl Logistx face off in the first semi-final battle of World Urban Games 2019.


Logistx believes in community and finding yourself as a dancer

Even though Logistx's reputation as an internationally known dancer has grown greatly, she's all about culture and community.
"It's easy to search for things on YouTube like how to do a six-step and how to do a flare," she says. "But I think that if you invest yourself into the community and the culture, that's where you'll really learn, find people to connect with and people who'll want to take you under their wing. I think one of the reasons a lot of my mentors wanted to mentor me was because they saw how dedicated I was to the craft. Also, I would say, always being a student is very important, plus it's also important to find yourself. This is something that I'm still trying to do. So, as well as being a student, also be yourself because dance is to express yourself."
A portrait of Logistx

Dedication is one of Logistx's strengths

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Logistx is a vegan

Logistx has been a vegan for three years. Her mentors and Underground Flow crew members, Valpal, Villn and Mpact, are all vegans too and told her about the benefits. She then watched the 2005 documentary, Earthlings, about the abuses humanity puts animals through, which made her decide to adopt the lifestyle.

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Representing Underground Flow, BreakinMIA and the Red Bull BC One All Stars, Logistx is renowned for her phenomenal musicality and flow.

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