Listen To Three New Afrojack Tracks

The Dutch EDM star turns up the bass.

Afrojack© Erwin Polanc/Red Bull Content Pool

Everyone on the planet collectively scratched their heads when they discovered last month that Paris Hilton will be releasing an album on Cash Money, and then everyone continued scratching their heads when it was announced that Afrojack would be producing it. Hmm. This should be interesting...

Afrojack also recently announced he'll be releasing some new music under the name Far Far Away. The first track, 'Robot City,' is slow, minimal, tranquil and nothing like the chaotic, high-voltage club burners he's known for.

But Afrojack has plenty of extra-hyper-explosive, epic-drop dance tracks ready to go, too. He just shared three new ones ('Ray Bomb,' 'Griever' and 'Yubaba') from an upcoming EP titled 'It's A Matter Of...,' which will be released next week. Prepare for blast off.

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By Elliott Sharp