OpTic Gaming Wins Back-to-Back X Games Gold
The dominance continued for the Green Wall as they won their fourth event in a row.
By Scott Duwe
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Red Bull Optic
Red Bull Optic
After dominating the month of May, OpTic Gaming looked to continue their destruction of the competition in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at the X Games. With the eyes of the eSports world on them, OpTic once again was out to prove that they’re the best in the world, and show that their disappointing CoD Champs finish was well behind them.
Participating in the same event as skateboarders, BMX and motorcross bikers, among others, this is the second year that CoD has been played at the X Games. Last year, OpTic won the gold with the roster of Nadeshot, Scump, Clayster and Proofy. With Scump being the only holdover from last year’s team, he had a chance to become the first-ever two-time gold medal winner in CoD X Games history.
Using a best-of-seven format for the first time in Advanced Warfare, the X Games Invitational really showed which teams were strongest. In a longer series, it’s a lot more difficult for a fluky win to take place, and the top teams in CoD definitely flexed their muscles this weekend. But no one flexed harder than OpTic.

Early dominance

OpTic has been on another level from the competition throughout most of CoD Advanced Warfare. But the team kicked it into an even higher gear this weekend and left little doubt on Friday and Saturday who the best team in the world is.
After finishing with a record of 34-10 in Season 2 of MLG’s CoD Pro League, OpTic clinched the first seed in the X Games and faced the eighth seed, Team Kaliber, in their first match of the weekend. OpTic made quick work of tK with a 4-1 victory. They then moved on to face eLevaTe, the eventual bronze medal winners and swept them 4-0 with ease.
Crimsix extended his all-time CoD event wins lead.
Crimsix extended his all-time CoD event wins lead.
Saturday came along and OpTic was sitting pretty in the winners bracket finals where they met with FaZe, a team they have battled numerous times throughout the course of AW. In an eventual gold medal match preview, OpTic once again made it look easy with a 4-1 victory.
With their Saturday finished, OpTic awaited the rest of the bracket. On Sunday afternoon, they found out it would be yet another rematch with FaZe for the gold medal.

Gold medal match versus FaZe

As this would be the second time OpTic faced FaZe in the event finals, they knew exactly who their opponents were. FaZe also faced an uphill battle of having to win two best-of-seven series in order to take home the gold. OpTic's plan: Take control of things early on and leave any big aspirations out of their opponents’ heads.
On Hardpoint Detroit, Formal and Karma led the slaying to give the Green Wall a 1-0 series lead. Formal finished with 43 kills as they ended the game 250-209. Toward the end, though, FaZe made the score closer than the game actually was with some garbage points.
Scump led the team in K/D ratio  again.
Scump led the team in K/D ratio again.
Uplink on Bio Lab was next and OpTic continued their strong play with an 8-2 victory as Scump finished with 27 kills and 3 Uplinks to lead his team to a 2-0 series lead. Up next, however, was Search and Destroy. If OpTic has a weakness, it is the no-respawn game mode.
S&D on Solar kicked off with a first blood from Karma and a two-piece from Scump. OpTic's domination continued as they took a 3-0 lead with Scump sitting at 6-1. Huke and FaZe fought back in a huge way to tie it up at 3-3, but OpTic finished it out 6-4 to take a 3-0 series lead. Scump finished with 11 kills.
Looking to finish out the sweep, Capture the Flag on Retreat was up next. With MLG recently announcing that CTF would be leaving the rotation, this was potentially the last time the game mode would be played on LAN in AW.
Crimsix capped a flag to give OpTic a 1-0 lead in the first half. Formal finished with 15 kills to take a lead into the second half, forcing FaZe to have to mount the most monumental of comebacks if they wanted a chance to win. Halfway through the second half, Karma brought home the second flag of the game for OpTic, and the team would never look back. They finished out the game 2-1 to get the 4-0 sweep.
Scump became the first ever CoD player to win two gold medals. Karma and Crimsix won their first golds after winning bronze last year. This is the seventh AW event that OpTic has won, and with a summer full of more events to come, they will likely go down in history as one of the most dominant and successful teams of all time when the AW campaign has run its course.
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