Red Bull Solus

From the mind of Ryan Sheckler comes the second edition of Red Bull Solus, a digital skate contest challenging 17 of the world’s leading men’s and women’s professional skateboarders competing to deliver the best continuous line from the SC Sandlot, Sheckler’s private skate park in San Clemente, California.


Skateboarding · 2 min
Solus Trailer

Congratulations to the winners Red Bull SŌLUS 2021:
Alexis Sablone and Lucas Rabelo

There’s still time to vote for the People’s Choice! Watch all the runs below and vote for your favorite!

Meet the Competitors and Watch Each Video Below

  • Alexis Sablone
  • Lucas Rabelo
  • CJ Collins
  • Clive Dixon
  • Susie Heath
  • Tanner Vanvark
  • Nora Vasconcellos
  • Nika Washington
  • Jamie Foy
  • Felipe Gustavo
  • Candy Jacobs
  • Leandre Sanders
  • Poe Pinson
  • Erick Winkowski
  • Liam Pace
  • TJ Rogers
  • Ryan Sheckler

Alexis Sablone


Old Saybrook, CT

Alexis Sablone is an East Coast skateboarding pioneer. Alexis has been at it years (watch her clips in PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life, please) and has shown no signs of slowing down. Alexis skates for Alltimers, Converse, Orchard Skate Shop, Thunder, and Dialtone.