Jenn Morel and Rosco White Lion at Red Bull Batalla US Finals in Miami 2022
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Get to know the 48 competitors for Red Bull Batalla USA 2023

We reveal the list of participants for Red Bull Batalla USA 2023 including new faces and returning heavyweights Yartzi and Reverse.
By Riley Hunter
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The Red Bull Batalla event season kicks off this summer in the USA! For the first time, the road to the National Final includes three Regional Qualifier events. Sixteen MCs, who qualified in Regional Cup events or through the Red Bull Batalla app, will compete in each event to determine who will advance the National Final stage.
OneR celebrates his win at Red Bull Batalla US National Final 2022 in Miami

OneR celebrates his win at Red Bull Batalla US National Final 2022 in Miami

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Los Angeles, California Regional Qualifier MCS | July 15

Red Bull Batalla returns to Los Angeles, home of the 2021 National Final, for the first USA qualifier event of the 2023 season.
  1. Maluque // Oxnard, CA
  2. Steve // Los Angeles, CA  
  3. ZKart // New Jersey
  4. J. Luna // Albuquerque, NM
  5. Kcique // Miami, FL
  6. OG Frases // Miami, FL 
  7. Certa // Eugene, OR
  8. Girek // Sacramento, CA
  9. Dandy // Charlotte, NC
  10. Heavy // Miami Beach, FL 
  11. El Dilema // New York City, NY
  12. Pazy // Miami, FL
  13. Santa Mykah // San Diego, CA 
  14. Klaze // Miami, FL
  15. Boss // Los Angeles, CA 
  16. Reverse // West Palm Beach, FL – 2021 USA Champion

Houston, Texas Regional Qualifier MCS | August 12

The freestyle competition lands in in Houston, Texas for the first time ever to set the stage for the National Final, which lands in Dallas this November.
  1. Izes // Orlando, FL
  2. Lies // Houston, TX
  3. Pailot // Durant, OK 
  4. ROBLE // Las Vegas, NV
  5. Macías // Colorado Springs, CO 
  6. Magimbri // San Antonio, TX 
  7. Montgomery // El Paso, TX 
  8. Metricoh Flowster // New York, NY
  9. 4ASES // Denver, CO
  10. GIO // Houston, TX
  11. ESTANY // Kingwood, TX
  12. White Caracas // Houston, TX 
  13. PIPØ // Sarasota, FL
  14. Jordi // Austin, TX
  15. Mauro MC // New York, NY
  16. Micky Rincon // San Antonio, TX

Miami, Florida Regional Qualifier MCS | August 26

We complete our run of Regional Qualifier events in Miami, Florida, where the 2022 USA National Final crowded the current USA Champion, Oner.
Oner and Nico B.

Oner and Nico B.

© Ian Witlen

  1. JD // Miami, FL
  2. Link One // Caguas, Puerto Rico
  3. El Domi // Orlanda, FL 
  4. Sourius // Miami, FL
  5. Jay_Co “El León” // New York City, NY 
  6. Vnz // Denver, CO
  7. BAN2 // San Juan, Pueto Rico
  8. AdonysX // Venezuela 
  9. Zeu // New Jersey, NJ
  10. Knnon // San Juan, Pueto Rico
  11. Mike // Grand Rapids, MI
  12. Adonys // New York City, NY
  13. Freites // Orlando, FL
  14. Crown // Orlando, FL
  15. Levi // Miami, FL
  16. Yartzi // Ponce, Puerto Rico – 2019 & 2020 USA Champion
This year started off with a competitive Application Phase that surpassed the number of applications from 2022. Our USA judges panel was challenged to select from a highly talented group of MCs. Proof that the competition is heating up in the USA freestyle scene.
This season will see new faces, seasoned competitors, and returning champions face off to prove who is the best freestyle MC in the country. Yartzi (2019 & 2020 USA Champion) returns to the competition after taking off the 2022 season. Reverse (2021 USA Champion) is also returning to reclaim his title. Follow along to see who will win the 2023 Championship!
Relive the top moments from the 2022 USA National Final below.

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