India posing with the belt from the Red Bull BC One World Final 2022 on November 12, 2022.
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Victor and India on winning Red Bull BC One in New York City

Find out what the 2022 Red Bull BC One World Final winners, B-Girl India and B-Boy Victor, had to say about their historic victories in New York.
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B-Girl India, from the Netherlands, and B-Boy Victor, from the USA, won the 2022 Red Bull BC One World Final. In an epic night of competition, both achieved landmark moments in Red Bull BC One history.
B-Girl India does a freeze at the Red Bull BC One World Final, on November 12

India does the head-hollow-back in the battle against Logistx

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India made history as the youngest breaker to win a Red Bull BC One World Final, at only 16 years old. She's also the first Dutch b-girl to become a Red Bull BC One champion.
To claim her title, India defeated Luma (Colombia) in the first round and then beat Swami (Mexico) in an intense exchange in the quarter-finals. She won an exciting semi-final against 671 (China). Finally, She prevailed in an epic showdown against defending champion, Logistx (USA), in which the decision came down to the vote of the last judge on the World Final panel.
Victor dances at the Red Bull BC One World Final 2022, on November 12

Victor went all out in the battle against Yu-Ki

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Victor’s win saw him join Lilou, Hong 10, Kastet and Menno as only the fifth breaker in Red Bull BC One history to win the championship more than once. He won his first Red Bull BC One World Final in 2015, and this year’s win earned him his second championship belt. Victor also joined Menno, Hong 10 and Issei as champions who’ve won a World Final on home turf.
In his quest to win his second belt, Victor started every battle and began by defeating Marlone (France) in the first round. After that he beat Phil Wizard (Canada) in the quarter-finals. He relied on the strength of his foundation to win against Yu-Ki (Japan) in the semi-finals and had to push hard in the finals against Lee (Netherlands). The b-boy final came down to the very last judge’s decision, as it did in the b-girl final, which crowned Victor as champion.
Once the battles were over, we caught up with the two champions to get their take on the night…

How does it feel to be the 2022 Red Bull BC One World Final Champion?

India: I’m feeling great, super excited, overwhelmed, and so happy.

Victor: It feels like a dream to be honest. I can’t believe I won again. When that last card went up, and it said Victor, I was like, 'wow, I did it again.' I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, especially for this event, as this was my fifth time. The last time I did it was 2018, but I psyched myself out, as I was ready physically, but mentally I wasn’t, and I was overthinking and in my shell. I made sure that this time I had fun by enjoying New York and being with my wife and friends. I still had stress in the back of my head, but I told myself, 'it’s ok, Vic, it’s just another competition, you got this.

How did you prepare yourself physically and mentally for the world final competition?

India: My practices were different. Sometimes I'd just drill my moves, and sometimes I liked to have a creative practice. Plus, I did a lot of rounds for stamina training. Mentally I imagined the battle over and over again.

Victor: I stayed grounded and made sure that if I messed up in a round to keep calm, in a Zen phase, reminding myself, 'don’t worry, that’s just one round, you still got two more left.' I wanted to bring that energy out, and the crowd were great and made me so hyped and want it.

India in the final battle of the Red Bull BC One World Final 2022, on November 12

India stayed confident in the final battle against defending champ Logistx

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What was the final battle like for you?

India: I had to battle the defending champion, Logistx, and that’s not easy. It was great, and I was super-happy to battle against her, but of course, I had to do my best.

Victor: The first round of the finals, I felt amazing. The second round, I felt pretty discouraged because my stamina and endurance started dropping. By the third round, I didn’t know if I could do it, but I told myself, 'just one more round and you become a world champion, give it your all and make sure that you’re clean.'

India, How does it feel to have the support of your fellow b-girls in such a strong way?

India: Over the years I’ve been friends with a lot of b-girls and I felt the support 100 percent having b-girls like Sarah Bee and Vanessa there. I felt really good around them, and the support means a lot to me.

B-Girl India when finding out she won Red Bull BC One World Final 2022, on November 12.

B-Girl India when she found out she took the win

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Victor, you started every battle. What motivated you to do that?

Victor: I honestly just wanted to get it over with and get those moves out of my head. I also wanted to show that I wanted it more and that I was hungry.

How did it feel competing and winning in New York City?

India: This is my first time in the US, and when I was young, I wanted to come here, to New York, so when I got the wild card, I felt this was perfect. Winning here is great, and I think it’s a special moment because it’s New York and breaking started here.

Victor: I think this is the most special one because New York is where hip-hop came from. Plus, it was a really good feeling to have all my friends come out and support me. I rarely have that when I travel internationally, so it was a really good feeling to hear everyone saying, 'come on, Victor, let’s go, you got this!' That really got me pumped up.

Victor celebrates after taking the win at the Red Bull BC One World Final on November 12, 2022

Victor won his second title, this time in his home country

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It feels amazing to represent US and to bring the belt back home, in New York City, where it all started

How does it feel representing and taking the win for your country?

India: I’m the first Dutch-born b-girl to compete in the Red Bull BC One World Final, so first, that’s really crazy. I never did a Red Bull BC One Cypher either because this is the first year I could compete, and now I’m old enough. I should've done the Red Bull BC One Cypher Holland, but I got the wild card straight to the World Final and winning on my first time here is just really amazing.

Victor: It feels amazing to represent the US and to bring the belt back home, in New York City, where it all started. I’m happy to be the one to do that.

In case you missed the action, check out the replay of the Red Bull BC One World Final below.

Red Bull BC One World Final

Breakers from across the globe will do battle to be crowned World Champion in NYC, the birthplace of hip-hop.

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