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Watch highlights of Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2020 from Marseille right here

See how Jean Pantaleo became the new skating king of Marseille in this banging highlights edit from a special edition of our annual extravaganza at the French city's hallowed Bowl Du Prado.
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What you’re about to watch is the full weekend edit from the Red Bull Bowl Rippers contest held in Marseille, France during the first weekend of October.
The first thing you'll doubtless have realised is that there was no live broadcast this year – it was just logistically impossible. But with so many events put on ice, we thought we'd do what we could to create some continuity of skate energy through this challenging period we're in.

Go Behind The Scenes At Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2020 with Vincent Matheron!

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Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2020
Many adjustments were made to the format, number of invitees, production crew and layout to ensure that this year's event focused on producing an all-action experience to keep everyone sparked on skating.
As well as France, the transition traditions of Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Italy were all represented in a socially distanced format.
The hope was that with a heavier emphasis on domestic European talent, who could reach the event safely, we'd see some breakthrough skating – and that was just what happened.
Jean Pantaleo, who's always one of the big draws for the bowl contest at Prague's Mystic Cup, demonstrated a feel for the contours of the fabled terrain that only locals can truly know and which shone through in his total mastery of the space. His victory here was richly symbolic – he's a Marseille local.
Danny Léon is always guaranteed to deliver and this weekend was no exception. How many other skaters can Backside Kickflip Stalefish over hips anywhere in the world? He has them on lock now and it's genuinely amazing to witness.
X-Games gold medallist Ivan Federico was one of the weekend's standouts, logging more hammers for the edit than almost anyone else, including Bluntsliding the highest extension in the park, while Jaime Mateu seems even more powerful and consistent than he was even a year ago, if his gargantuan Indy 540 Transfers are anything to go by.
It's worth noting that Mateu came within a single point of retaining his Red Bull Bowl Rippers crown here and he's undeniably one of the great terrain talents ever to come out of Europe by this point. Energy guaranteed.
Karl Berglind is the wizard of Sweden's giant Stapelbäddsparken skatepark and his gift for flow on huge concrete curves was on full display all weekend – check out the Nose Manual into the extension!
All told, you might say this was they year that Red Bull Bowl Rippers came home to Marseille, so big knucks to all the French skate agencies involved in helping us pull off this important event during this strangest of years.
Enjoy the action and check out how we managed to do it in our deep dive behind-the scenes video that we'll bring you this time next week.

Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2020 results

  1. Jean Pantaleo
  2. Jaime Mateu
  3. Ivan Federico

Hometown hero Jean Pantaleo is the new king of Red Bull Bowl Rippers

It's all change at the top of the legends of Marseille leaderboard. The port city's very own son, Jean Pantaleo, beat all comers over the weekend to become the new champion of Red Bull Bowl Rippers, edging out previous winner Jaime Mateu by a single point.
In contention to put their stamp on the fabled Bowl Du Prado during this special edition of our annual seaside showdown was a 60-strong field of European shrednauts, including Elson Patrick, Danny León, Dannie Carlsen, Jean Pantaleo, Marcel Wintherlig, Anthony Mardelle, Stellio Sakellarides, Simon Léauté, Ivan Federico, Bjorn Lillesoe, Karl Berglind, Vincent Milou and Jaime Mateu.
With the weekend split into a Saturday contest and a Sunday Best Trick jam, Pantaleo doubled down on his contest victory by making an enormous transfer line into one of the bowls, a feat which had previously cost him not one, but two, broken heels.
Joining Pantaleo on the podium were Mallorca's master blaster Jaime Mateu and the sublimely sketch-proof Swede Karl Berglind. Keep it locked down right here for a full edit from the swinging weekend later this week.

Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2020: stripped back but with all the action

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Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2020 Teaser
Some good news to report for you!
A special edition of Red Bull Bowl Rippers has been scheduled for October 3-4 2020 at the sublime Bowl Du Prado in Marseille, France.
As part of our commitment to lifting the energy and stokage levels of worldwide skateboarding, and in close conjunction with Marseille ’s civic authorities, a sensibly scaled-back but nonetheless guaranteed good time is coming your way from the people who have brought you sun-kissed skate contest action from the Med every year since 2016.
Italy's Alessandro Mazzara drifts a Stalefish high above the coping at Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2019 in Marseille, France.
Ale Mazzara – Stalefish
So what can you expect from 2020’s special edition of savagery from Marseille?
Well, the first thing you'll notice is more domestic talent in the line- up as we give the new wave of the French transition scene their time to shine. You’ll also notice fewer camera operators and spectators as the focus for this exceptional year will be on your at- home viewing experience.
To further complete the uniqueness of this year’s Red Bull Bowl Rippers, some of the temporary extensions will be removed to reveal the bowl in something closer to its classic, original form.
All told, this will be a Red Bull Bowl Rippers like no other, and we look forward to bringing this skate action direct to you this October!
Keep it locked down here!

Join Red Bull Bowl Rippers MC Marc Churchill for an in-depth look back at last year's event

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Recap with Marc Churchill
Ever wondered what goes into pulling together a full, weekend-long skate jamboree?
Red Bull Bowl Rippers draws in skaters from the four corners of the globe, and broadcasts back out all around the world live from the shimmering heat of the Bowl Du Prado on France's Mediterranean coastline.
With so much action over the course of the weekend it's easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of hammers, slams and general pandemonium, so we asked event MC Marc Churchill to take us ringside in Marseille to get a feel for what's involved in making a skate contest in such an iconic location really go off.
Watch Marc's action-packed hosted highlight show in the player above and relive the entire live broadcast experience just by clicking on the event below.

Jaime Mateu wins Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2019 – as it happened

As day turned into night on another glorious Red Bull Bowl Rippers in Marseille, France, Jaime Mateu continued to amp the crowd long after the klaxon sounded the end of the finals jam, just because he loves it so much.
It was perhaps fitting, although by no means certain, that he would be victorious tonight. He edged out Chris Russell, from whom we saw an intensity that left blood on the dancefloor and some monstrous slams from trying to revert off the highest extension available.
Check out Sunday's finals in the photos below:
Danny León rounded out the Men's podium, although not far behind was the rapidly emerging Luiz Francisco of Brazil, who has magic in him.
Friday and Saturday sessions in photos
Few would doubt that the standard in the Women's final was the highest anyone had seen. In Autumn Tust a star might very well have been born, Kisa Nakamura is genuinely amazing and Yndi Asp had an unbelievable intro run that in itself should show how far this class has advanced in an incredibly short time.
On the basis of those three alone, the Women's contest was a quantum leap in progression, but Poppy Olsen's charm and energy brought the hill to their feet and a new end-of-level boss was ordained in what can only be good news for the direction of women’s competitive skateboarding everywhere.
Honourable mentions must always go to Vincent Matheron, who along with Samuel Geoni showed what total symbiosis between skater and spot looks like, Jake Wooten, who brought his unique interpretation of the possibilities of the grabless ollie and Italy's Alessandro Mazzara, a vert wunderkind with a lot more to his game than just two walls, who turned many heads all weekend long.
A perfect day in a perfect place, we thank all involved and all watching. Podium results below.

Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2019 Men's results

  1. Jaime Mateu
  2. Chris Russell
  3. Danny León

Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2019 Women's results

  1. Poppy Olsen
  2. Yndiara Asp
  3. Kisa Nakamura
Watch Marseille skatepark documentary Back to the Bowl in the player below:

Watch the highlights from last year!

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Here are the highlights from Red Bull Bowl Rippers