Ascending the Salamanca Bridge
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These siblings came to Red Bull Creepers and absolutely crushed it

The Kruder siblings claim gold in a dizzying day of climbing, with Jernej astonishingly completing the challenging course in less than 20 seconds.
By Jeremías San Martín
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Making its long-awaited return in Ávila‎, Spain, Red Bull Creepers saw 16 of the world’s best climbers tackle a challenging course on the Salamanca Bridge, above the waters of the Adaja River.
In a competition format that saw the leading eight men and women attempt to defy gravity and reach the 13m summit in the quickest time, it was Slovenian siblings Julija and Jernej Kruder who were crowned the king and queen of deep-water soloing.
With a difficulty of 8a+ for the men and 7c for the women, Red Bull Creepers saw hundreds of spectators experience the first international climbing event to be held in Spain in 2021. The discipline combines speed, strength and agility to provide a truly unique show.
Last contested in 2014, this year’s Red Bull Creepers event was dominated by the Kruder siblings. Both competitive climbers who take part in events around the world, it was Jernej – who conquered the course in under 20 seconds – who first took an interest in climbing. His sister, Julija, then following in his footsteps.
Julija Kruder and her brother Jernej Kruder pose for a portrait as the winners of the Red Bull Creepers 2021 in Avila, Spain, on June 19, 2021.
The king and queen of deep-water soloing
“Jernej prefers climbing outdoors while I like indoors better, although it has been a great experience to be able to compete and win together,” revealed Julija. "Victory always gives you an incredible feeling but it’s especially cool seeing your loved ones at the top.”
Following the race, Jernej revealed that he would soon be returning to Spain [Mallorca] in order to continue training specifically for deep-water soloing, which is one of his favourite climbing disciplines.


Men's category:
  1. Jernej Kruder (SLO)
  2. Mikel Linacisoro (SPA)
  3. Nils Favre (SWI)
Women's category
  1. Julija Kruder (SLO)
  2. Afra Hoening (GER)
  3. Ana Belén Argudo (SPA)
Winners and finalists of the Red Bull Creepers 2021 in Avila, Spain, on June 19, 2021.
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