The Red Bull Flick 2021 Invitational winners hold their trophies aloft
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Team Spirit on winning Red Bull Flick Helsinki Invitational 2021

Team Spirit's magixx and somedieyoung have won the Red Bull Flick Helsinki Invitational 2021 – we catch up with them after their spectacular victory.
By Miri Teixeira
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Red Bull Flick, the ultimate 2v2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, has just wrapped up its third instalment in Helsinki, Finland, crowning Team Spirit's Boris 'magixx' Vorobyev and Victor 'somedieyoung' Orudzhev as this year's winners.
Held over two days, the Invitational was a high-speed affair, with some surprising results, after all, but the amateur pairings eliminated one pro duo in the Group Stage. Team Spirit was the only pro team left in the runnings by the second day, with amateur teams DepressionDuo, doggonogog, PardiPojad, ALPARTAY, GUESS, Garnuchy and swiiiry all vying for the trophy.
Team Spirit held their own after almost leaving in the semi-finals, and the determined duo took it all the way to the final, coming away with the trophy after a tense match that took until the last round to confirm their victory. We spoke to them in the moments following their win.
Boris 'magixx' Vorobyev competes at the Red Bull Flick 2021 Invitational in Helsinki, Finland on November 20th, 2021
Boris 'magixx' Vorobyev competing at the Red Bull Flick 2021
What does it feel like to be a Red Bull Flick champion?
Magixx: Being the Red Bull Flick champions is a great feeling because it's an unusual 2v2 tournament that we don't usually practise and never play, but we had a great time here, and it was really enjoyable.
Somedieyoung: Yeah, it was a really enjoyable way to spend time. I really liked the whole system – it was smooth – so thanks to everyone who made it happen, it was a good experience for sure.
I wasn't really expecting us to win the tournament – I was expecting us to have a great time here
Boris 'magixx' Vorobyev
What went through your mind as you took the final round?
Somedieyoung: I don't think anything happens in your mind when you play the final round. You just focus on the game in the moment – if you don't, it can go the wrong way, and you can lose it. In my career, I've lost it so many times, and I didn't want that to happen again, so nothing must be in your mind when you play!
Did you expect to go the full distance?
Magixx: I wasn't really expecting us to win the tournament. I was expecting us to have a great time here, enjoy the game and just watch how others play. The main thing was the competition for us.
Audience members cheer at the Red Bull Flick 2021 Invitational in Helsinki, Finland on November 20th, 2021
Audience cheering on Team Spirit
Who was your toughest opponent to overcome?
Somedieyoung: Every team that we played was pretty strong, the first guys in the group stage (Rudych 'm1koo24' Mykhalio and Kulaha 'HELLKISSS' Valentyn of Team GUESS) were pretty hard, and the guys we played twice in the playoffs, Alec 'Puteli' Kolvanen and Julius 'blaze-_-_-' Leppaniemi (Team PardiPojad).
What did you learn from Flick that you'll take back to regular CS:GO games?
Somedieyoung: Raw aim, practice movement. These are things we will take to our professional game from Red Bull Flick.
Did you have a message for the fans?
Magixx: Thanks everyone for cheering for us!
To watch the action all over again, check out the Red Bull Flick Invitational on Twitch.