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5 things you need to know about from Red Bull Formation 2022

The week-long women’s freeride mountain bike event is now complete, so relive some of the best moments from Red Bull Formation and catch up on all the big stories.
By Alex Showerman
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The third edition of Red Bull Formation is officially in the books and what an incredibly wild ride it was in the deserts of Utah, USA. Historic firsts, gutsy lines and tight-knit camaraderie defined this week-long event. Every athlete and dig team dazzled, which makes picking highlights a near impossible feat. If we had to choose, though, here are five things we thought stood out from the event.

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Full recap from Red Bull Formation 2022

Here’s what went down at the third edition of the women’s freeride MTB progression event at Virgin, Utah, USA.


Formation is getting bigger and better

2022 marked the largest field of athletes yet, with 12 riders getting the invite to the women's freeride progression session. The expanded field also meant that one third of the roster were Red Bull Formation first timers.

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The perfect freeride training ground

Casey Brown, Robin Goomes and Cami Nogueira prepare for another year of progression at Red Bull Formation.


Scotland's Louise Ferguson had the distinction of being the only athlete to have never been to Utah before, making her cool confidence on one of the steepest lines in the venue that much more impressive. Two rookies, Harriet Burbidge Smith and Robin Goomes, teamed up on a creative and playful line that made them look like Red Bull Formation veterans.
Harriet Burbidge-Smith and Robin Goomes along with Martha Gill, Juju Milay pack dirt and shape a take off at Red Bull Formation 2022.
Harriet Burbidge-Smith and Robin Goomes work a take-off on their line
Scottish bike athlete Louise Ferguson and Formation founder Katie Holden as seen at Red Bull Formation 2022.
Louise Ferguson and Katie Holden react to a test run on the mountain
Georgia Astle provided inspiration to all the diggers, making the jump from digging in 2021 to receiving that hard-earned athlete invite. She and Veronique Sandler shared a line that was a playful mix of tech and stylish airs.
Georgia Astle rides her line at Red Bull Formation 2022.
Georgia Astle getting wheels on dirt for the first time

It was a week of collaboration not competition

One of the defining characteristics of Red Bull Formation is how it’s not a competition, but a collaboration between everyone involved. Athletes and dig teams work together to push the progression of the women's freeride scene to new levels.
Athletes and their diggers pose for a group photo at Red Bull Formation 2022.
All the athletes and helpers of Red Bull Formation 2022
With Sandler, Astle, Casey Brown, Vaea Verbeeck, Hannah Bergemann and Ferguson all finishing their line in the same spot, the dig teams came together with leadership from Sandler to build a new step-up trick jump. The effort took several hours to build and was fine tuned across multiple days in the lead up to the final ride day.
This was one of many collaborations that happened during the event, but it quickly became a favorite feature for riders to session. So much so that athletes and diggers returned the day after the event to jam on it together and eek out one last memory as a group.

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Red Bull Formation 2022 - Best Drone Moments


Camila Nogueira's courageous line

Steep, raw and committed, it was impossible to miss Camila Nogueira's top-to-bottom line. Throughout the practice days, Nogueira took two substantial falls, so to problem-solve she made tweaks to the line leading up to the final ride day to help her control speed as she rocketed down the cliff side. Her first attempt on ride day ended in another hard fall, but, undeterred, she immediately hiked back up and stomped the line top to bottom.
Camila Nogueira as seen just before her double drop attempt at Red Bull Formation 2022.
Nogueira attempted some hell-raising drops this Formation
Her courage and infectious energy during the week earned her the rider-voted, Spiciest Line award presented by Industry Nine. In classic Nogueira fashion she stated: 'This is an award for all of us."
Camila Nogueira receives the Spiciest Line Award at Red Bull Formation 2022.
Those hell-raising lines were duly recognised by her fellow athletes

Robin Goomes's historic Backflip

Robin Goomes has been stomping Backflips in events across the world for the past year, so there were rumors building that she would incorporate the trick into her top-to-bottom run. With little fanfare, she quietly threw one on the practice days, signaling to everyone it was game on.
Robin Goomes performing on her line at Red Bull Formation 2022.
Robin Goomes with that historic Backflip
She completed her first top-to-bottom run, but didn't nail what became her two defining tricks of the line: a No Hander on her marquis drop and her Backflip on the final jump near the finishing corral. Knowing she had it in her, she was one of the few riders to take advantage of a second run, hiking back up to the top of the mountain. This time, she crushed her line with all of the bells and whistles, including the Backflip.

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Robin Goomes full POV run


Casey Brown and Hannah Bergemann stomp Brett Rheeder’s 2015 line

One of the heaviest moments of the week came when Casey Brown and Hannah Bergemann teamed up to resurrect Brett Rheeder's 2015 Red Bull Rampage line. The drop-in required a substantial rebuild, but with high expectations from the two veterans, all of the participants were anxious to see them successfully ride this line.
Hannah Bergemann dropping into her line from the ridge at Red Bull Formation 2022.
Bergemann drops in to the Brett Rheeder line
Casey Brown riding her line at Red Bull Formation 2022.
Brown boldly going for a transfer to a landing and getting some air
The energy at the venue was palpable when Brown and Bergeman started lining up the feature on the practice days. After several run-ins, both athletes successfully managed the drop, but a harsh landing bounced Bergmann, forcing her to bring her bike to a controlled crash. With the new beta on the landing, Bergemann and her digger fine-tuned the landing the night before the final ride day, setting the stage for what would become one of the defining moments of this year's Red Bull Formation.

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Hannah Bergemann full FPV run