Eric Geiselman competes during Red Bull Night Riders surf competition

Red Bull Night Riders celebrate the city of Jacksonville’s surf scene

© Robert Snow
Professional surfers descended on Jacksonville’s beaches in secret for the nighttime surf competition. Watch the newly released film that celebrates the city’s surf scene and see how it all went down.
By Brandon ChamberlainPublished on
Surfing · 19 min
Red Bull Night Riders
Red Bull Night Riders has become one of the top annual surf contests on the East Coast, drawing highly accomplished pros every year to compete. It’s been held in North Florida for a decade, becoming an annual tradition and without a doubt the biggest surf event in the area.
The newly released short film, produced in partnership with Stab Magazine, documents the action at the event and also takes a closer look at the Jacksonville surf scene itself.
Surfers taking part in Red Bull Night Riders included former winners and local brothers Cody and Evan Thompson, last year’s winner Balaram Stack, Eric Geiselman, Robbie McCormick, and the legendary Cory Lopez.