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Red Bull Racing can launches on heels of setting new win streak record

The limited-edition can with Max Verstappen and Sergio "Checo" Perez launches on the heels of Oracle Red Bull Racing setting a new Formula 1 win streak record.
By Riley Hunter
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In the wake of Oracle Red Bull Racing setting a new Formula 1 win streak record at 10 straight wins, Red Bull is launching a new limited-edition can emblazoned with two-time World Champion driver Max Verstappen and teammate Sergio “Checo” Pérez along with the Red Bull Formula 1 car.
The new Red Bull Racing can, which is available in stores now, arrives at a time when Formula 1 is going big in the U.S. with three grand prix races in 2023 – first was Miami in May, coming up next is Austin on October 22, and the final race is the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix on November 18.
Red Bull Racing can

Red Bull Racing can

© Red Bull

The five-time Constructor’s Champions are on a record-breaking streak winning all 14 races so far this season with Verstappen finishing atop the podium in 12 of those including a record-setting 10 straight races and Pérez taking the checkered flag in the other two.
Along with Verstappen, Pérez and the RB19 car, the Red Bull Tryouts digital game is also featured on the new limited-edition can. The digital game brings fans closer to the racing action by giving them a taste of the essential skills required to excel as an F1 driver.
Red Bull Tryouts

Red Bull Tryouts

© Red Bull

Oracle Red Bull Racing drivers train hard on and off the track to help them compete at the highest level of racing. Red Bull Tryouts puts fans inside three click-and-play mini-games that test crucial skills to being an F1 driver:
  • MEMORY: Drivers need to remember where the best racing line or overtake moment is. It can make all the difference and win them the podium.
  • REFLEX: The quicker your reflexes, the more prepared you are to react to any obstacles on the track.
  • FOCUS: There's a lot going on during a race, so it's important to focus your attention on the right things at the right time.
Fans have until October 31 to submit their Red Bull Tryouts scores for a chance to win an ultimate Oracle Red Bull Racing experience at an upcoming U.S. Grand Prix race.