Red Bull Radio Flyyygirls: an era of fearless women in hip hop culture

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These are the women challenging the status quo and epitomizing all that it truly means to be fly.
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Red Bull is taking listeners on a sonic deep dive into the leading ladies of the fly girl era, from the rulebreakers and future icons of the ‘80s and ‘90s, to those breaking new ground with their own, fresh take. Introduced by the groundbreaking 1990 comedy sketch series, "In Living Color," the show’s dance troupe, The Fly Girls, set the stage for future trends in dance, music and fashion overall that continue to influence culture today. Listeners of Red Bull Radio can tune in to hear about the fearless artists who challenged the status quo to break new ground for women in hip hop and the entertainment business and ultimately, show what it truly means to be fly.
Fans can hear a self-hosted Fireside Chat with famed choreographer Fatima Robinson, one of the most in-demand choreographers working today known for her work with Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Michael Jackson and a Choice Mix from one of the first ladies of Fly, rap icon MC Lyte.
In addition to MC Lyte's Choice Mix, there are Choice Mixes from leading ladies from the West Coast including Ill Brill, Ms Jck and Bova. All of these women represent an exciting, yet distinctly modern take on the distinctive, uplifting flavors of Fly.
Here's a full breakdown of Red Bull Radio Flyyygirls:

Fatima Robinson - Fireside Chat

As The New York Times notes, Fatima Robinson is “one of the most sought-after hip hop and popular music choreographers in the world.” Renowned for her ability to blend classic dance-styles with her distinct hip hop flavor, Fatima's career is comprised of some of the most memorable moments in dance entertainment and includes work with artists including Prince, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, and Usher. She has been the creative director behind notable events such as the Grammy’s, the American Music Awards, BET Awards, and X-Factor. On the big screen, she choreographed the critically acclaimed films including "Dreamgirls," "American Gangster," and "Public Enemy" and more.

BOVA - Choice Mix

BOVA is a skilled DJ and singer/songwriter in an unending lifetime love affair with beats and rhythms. She’s a native Angeleno with a global and diverse perspective, which informs her dedication and desire to perform on every continent. She is one of the fastest-growing female DJs coming out of the West coast whose versatility spans across all genres. The mix she is creating is inspired by and paying homage to all of the queens who have paved the way before her as an artist and DJ.

Ms Jck - Choice Mix

An early pioneer of the darkwave post-genre R&B sound, Ms Jck wrote and released 8 independent albums while touring as the opening act for legendary artists such as The Roots, Erykah Badu, and Prince before transitioning to the world of songwriting with credits ranging from R&B heavyweights Miguel and Danity Kane to various television spots on Fox TV scripted shows and HBO. Her Choice Mix titled "Remix La Femme" will celebrate the hottest female remixes from the ‘90s to the present.

Ill Brill - Choice Mix

Brilliant Garcia is a Los Angeles based conceptual artist. In 2014, Brilliant pursued her musical ear and began DJ'ing throughout the Los Angeles area, following tours, landing international performances. Brilliant released a Limited Edition Collection of novelty items in 2017. This Choice Mix will focus on the evolution of women through R&B and hip hop from oldies to sultry angelic sounds of today. The women who create the energy in the room, that anyone can feel mesmerized by.

MC Lyte - Choice Mix

MC Lyte is an iconic, trailblazing entertainer, rapper, and DJ. With hit albums, singles, awards, and a groundbreaking music career spanning 30 years, this hip hop legend is the first female rapper ever to be nominated for a Grammy Award, perform at Carnegie Hall, and earn a gold single. “As a lover of all kinds of music, I wanted to include not only songs considered to be popular from my generation, but I also looked to add some nuances. I pulled in Brooklyn, Detroit, and the West Coast to help rep for the women in Hip Hop and also added flavor from sisters who hail from other countries. It’s fair to say much of our R&B, since Mary J, holds a great deal of hip hop in its composition so I used the genre sprinkled throughout. Enjoy!”