Find out what Joe Marsh has to say in the latest episode of Save Your Game
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Save Your Game with Joe Marsh comes with a side of some serious nostalgia

On the latest Save Your Game podcast episode, CEO of T1 Entertainment & Sports Joe Marsh talks to host Frankie Ward about the games he loved growing up.
By Christopher White
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Anyone who knows anything about gaming has heard of the global esports venture that is T1 Entertainment. They operate the successful T1 League of Legends Champions Korea team, as well as teams in a wide range of esports gaming segments such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG and Hearthstone.
Since Joe Marsh is the CEO of T1, that makes him kind of a big deal in competitive gaming. Here he joins Frankie Ward to talk about life as an esports chief executive, playing games when he was young and through college, maining as Reinhardt in Overwatch and much more.
There's also the big decision about which game-out-of-three that has impacted his life he ultimately chooses to be immortalised on the Save Your Game podcast.
In the episode, Joe talks about growing up in Philadelphia and not owning a PC, but explains that he started to play League of Legends after becoming CEO of T1 and received some advice from esports competitor, Faker: “He told me to farm and don't die, and I was not able to heed that advice.” Since being exposed to PC gaming, he's been playing a lot of VALORANT, and even enjoys playing Fortnite with his wife, Kelly.
Joe was a big fan of Nintendo as a child, with one of his first memories completing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. But the first game Joe considers saving was GoldenEye on the N64. It was one of his first experiences playing multiplayer games, and it had a big impact on him.
“It was my first experience of being able to play with your buddies, the original land right there where you could play the four-player game and each had a little box on the screen," he says. "I remember playing that game until three, four or five in the morning with my buddies. We’d get some pizza and walk back to the house and play. It was just such a fun experience.”
Although Joe loved playing games when he was younger, he was also into sports. “Alongside football, baseball, basketball, I did taekwondo," he says. "I was a black belt, so very active in traditional sports.”
“Like in real life with being a CEO of a game team because I did traditional sports, but I also was a gamer. So, it kind of bridged both lines because, like, your gaming friends are different than your sports friends, but both sides played games so you could.”
As he grew up, other games started to interest him. At college, Joe was a huge Call of Duty player, especially Modern Warfare. He tells Frankie about playing with fast internet and having the freedom that being in sophomore year at college grants you. He spent a lot of time on it while getting his degree.
“That was just one of those games that you played either before going out or after you come back, or just on a lazy Saturday," he says. "Hammering Call of Duty all day with your buddies was a national pastime back in 2007.”
Throughout the podcast, Joe talks about how T1 has coped with the demands brought upon the company by global events in the past 18 months, and how they’ve managed to work through it and come out successfully on the other side. He also shares lots of interesting information about his gaming experiences throughout his life, and why the final game he chose plays a bigger role in the world of esports and specifically, T1 Entertainment & Sports.
It's clear Joe loves video games. With the global success of his company and esports in general, the latest episode of Save Your Game is a must-listen for fans of competitive online gaming competitions.
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