Shigekix balances on one hand at the World Urban Games 2019 in Hungary.
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7 things you need to know about B-Boy Shigekix

Meet Shigekix, a Japanese b-boy from Osaka who made breaking history by becoming the youngest Red Bull BC One World Final competitor and youngest world champion.
By Emmanuel Adelekun
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B-Boy Shigekix is a member of the Red Bull BC One All Stars and a world champion breaker who's been winning international competitions since he was a kid. He now plans to use this opportunity as motivation to push even harder in his already successful breaking career.
Want to know more about Shigekix? Here are seven key facts.

1. His sister is world champion B-Girl Ayane

There are a few famous siblings from the Japanese breaking scene; B-Girls Narumi and Ayumi are sisters, Ami is the younger sister of B-Girl Ayu, and Shigekix is the younger brother of world champion B-Girl Ayane. It was through his older sister that Shigekix actually discovered breaking when he was seven years old, and they're also both members of the KAKB crew.

2. He’s the youngest breaker to compete at Red Bull BC One World Finals

Shigekix was only 15 years old when he competed for the first time at the 2017 Red Bull BC One World Finals in Amsterdam, Holland. This made him the youngest breaker ever to be invited to compete at the World Finals. That night Shigekix made it all the way to the semi-finals before losing to Menno, who went on to win the whole competition and is now Shigekix's fellow Red Bull BC One All Star crew member.

3. He also became the youngest Red Bull BC One World champion in 2020

In 2020, Shigekix took the win at Red Bull BC One World Final in Austria, becoming the youngest b-boy to win the title. In 2021, Logistx took the title of youngest champion as she was 16 days younger, when she won her title.

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Shigekix vs Alkolil – final battle

B-Boys Shigekix and Alkolil battle each other for the Red Bull BC One World Final 2020 title.

4. He’s a Youth Games bronze medallist

Shigekix was among the b-boys and b-girls who made history by competing in the first-ever breaking competition at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. Shigekix won bronze at the games, becoming one of the first three b-boys ever to win a medal.

5. He’s into drawing and photography

Shigekix doesn't just want to be a b-boy, he wants to be an artist as well. Breaking is his main thing, but he also wants to draw and practice photography. He creates pictures of landscapes but mainly likes to focus on people. He says he enjoys capturing the emotional moments that people express.

6. He got his b-boy name from a mentor who liked the Japanese sweets called Skigekix

Shigekix's actual name is Shigeyuki, with Shigekix being his breaking name. Shigekix is a type of sour sweet in Japan, and it was a dance mentor who gave him the name when he was young.
Portrait of B-Boy Shigekix.

Shigekix is a tourist ambassador for Osaka

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7. He’s a tourism ambassador for the city of Osaka

For his hard work traveling the world and doing well as a Japanese dancer, Shigekix was made a tourism ambassador for the city of Osaka. The first contract he got was for two years, and that extended for another two years.

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Hailing from Osaka, Japan, B-Boy Shigekix is a Red Bull BC One All Star, a member of the K.A.K.B crew and the 2020 Red Bull BC One champion.

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