Max Kruglov – Feeble

Check Out Crete's Plethora of Grade A Skate Spots

Ten days of plazas, beaches, barbecues and skating from Haslam, Fellers, Kruglov and friends.

Crete is the largest Greek island and the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean. So, if you're planning to come explore the island on skate, do yourself a favor and rent a car. We rented a van, which saw plenty of action.

Drive around Crete and you'll find aesthetically perfect spots just by looking out the window on the highway. Of course there are the more established locales around the island, but the highway drive-by approach fared well for our crew of Chris Haslam, Max Kruglov, Dima Rodionov, Sierra Fellers and local legend Giorgio Zavos.

We opted to stay in a distant villa, far from all the temptations of the big city, and spent our days with a simple daily routine: early wake-up, quick breakfast and then hit the road seeking spots on all shores and towns in-between.

Thanks to local insight from Zavos, this trip was a shining sucess with more picturesque spots than we could fit in our short stint. By the end of our stay, not one of us was anything shy of exhausted and eager to return.

Hit play up above and start making those travel plans. Crete awaits!


By Alexey Lapin