Jason Spivey dips a back Smith on an abandoned rowhouse stoop deep in the Baltimore.

This Is How We Roll in Baltimore

© Mark Nickels

East Coast skating doesn't get more real than in the B-more. Meet the skaters of Charm City!

Baltimore is one of the most overlooked cities on the East Coast. Nestled in between the two skate meccas of Washington, DC and Philadelphia, it's easy to say "next time" whilst on a road trip up or down I-95.

On top of an incredible skate scene, Baltimore is home to a vast amount of American history, including being the birthplace of baseball legend Babe Ruth, and the place in which Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Skating in Baltimore is tough. Not just because of the weather, the infrastructure and it being a densely populated city, but also because Baltimore is just very old by American standards. Founded in 1729, a lot of the streets, sidewalks, houses and buildings have seen their share of weather's attritional effects. But between the cracks and the crowds lie some serious East Coast gems!

Legendary Baltimore skater Gary Smith helps the skate scene thrive by shredding the streets, as well as running Vu Skateshop, while legendary Baltimore heads like Spencer Brown, Tony Massey, Jason Spivey, Steve Batton and slew of others reinterpret that battered urban terrain for a new generation.

Next time you're on the East Coast, don't hesitate to stop and see why Baltimore has earned the nickname Charm City. Cruise around some of the oldest streets in America while skating some of the most legendary spots, before finishing off the day with a nice crab cake from the upscale crab shacks in the city's rebuilt waterfront district.