Skrillex and Diplo's Crazy Star-Studded Ultra Set

By Richard S. Chang
Jack Ü's Ultra festival finale with Skrillex, Diplo, Justin Bieber, Kiesza, P. Diddy and CL.
Skrillex joined by Diplo, Diddy and CL
Skrillex joined by Diplo, Diddy and CL
Last time we saw Skrillex and Diplo together, they were livestreaming their Jack Ü album launch/marathon DJ party from Nest HQ in Los Angeles, and the "stage show" very much looked like two guys mixing for friends from their apartment, which it kinda sorta was (though the livestream reached much, MUCH farther).
Jack Ü's closing set (at the tail end of Skrillex's headlining slot) at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last night was a different story altogether.
Joining Skrillex and Diplo on the vast main stage/borderline spaceship was a flurry of special guests of increasing star power.
First came pop star of the moment Kiesza, who belted out the Jack Ü collaboration "Take Ü There." CL, the K-pop superstar from the group 2NE1, then rapped through the Skrillex/Diplo track "Dirty Vibe," from Skrillex's "Recess" album. P. Diddy, who earlier that weekend danced poolside as pal Guy Gerber spun at Red Bull Guest House, then appeared on stage to rap verses from "All About the Benjamins" and "Bad Boy for Life."
That set the stage for Justin Bieber to close out the night with the Jack Ü song “Where Are Ü Now.” Watch the entire Jack Ü Ultra set below, or jump to the guest appearances with our handy-dandy minute marker.

Guest Appearances

2:28 - Kiesza ("Take Ü There")
5:10 - Kai ("Mind")
9:05 - CL ("Dirty Vibe")
10:30 - P. Diddy ("All About The Benjamins")
11:25 - P. Diddy ("Bad Boy For Life")
15:28 - Justin Bieber ("Where Are Ü Now")