This is the ultimate winter wishlist of snowboard and skiing gear for women

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By Jason Horton
We’ve got just what’s needed to help those New Year's resolutions come true in 2018... Read on.
There’s no judgement here, but while some people’s idea of a perfect partner is a girl who’ll send them off to ride with the boys while they hit the spa or gym, others, myself included, lust after women who shred just as hard (or harder) than they do.
When it comes to both riding skills and style, Šárka's most definitely the girl to watch out for.
Šárka Pančochová in Laax
Besides the obvious benefits that shared life interests have for a healthy relationship, having a shredder for a sweetheart sure does make Christmas shopping that much easier. So whether the lady in your life is a hardcore all-mountain ripper or a newbie on the path of powder enlightenment, we’ve got her covered with this ultimate Christmas Shopping list.

Snowboard (Beginner/Park): Bataleon She-W

Bataleon She-W snowboard for beginners.
Bataleon She-W
With its subtle lifting of the edges at the nose and tail, Bataleon’s Triple Base Technology is perfect for beginners – and anyone else who hates catching an edge. This premium park board comes with a soft, forgiving flex that makes learning your turns a breeze, but it’s still got enough tech under the skin (hardwood stringers and carbon inlays) to give this She-Wolf plenty of bite when she needs it.

Snowboard (Advanced/All-mountain): Nitro Victoria

Nitro snowboard model "Victoria" for women
Nitro Victoria
There are a lot of flex profiles on the market to choose from, but when it comes down to it, if you’re looking for a board with lots of pop and response for all-mountain riding – nothing beats true camber. Deep down, Nitro know this, which is why they’ve produced the Victoria: a seriously radical, true camber directional freeride board designed for girls who absolutely charge. If that applies to the woman in your life, get her one… and try to keep up!

Gloves: Burton Premium Warmest Mitt

Burton Premium Warmest Mitt for women
Burton Premium Warmest Mitt
When it comes to a cold day on the mountain, mitts beat gloves, hands down. And when it comes to the warmest mitts on the market, nothing beats these ultra cosy beauties from Burton. Featuring an ultra soft, supple sheepskin leather outer with a waterproof membrane liner, and filled with a blend of natural down and synthetic Thermacore™ insulation, Transworld gave them top marks in their Tested & Approved product guide, saying they’re “The warmest women’s mitt we’ve ever tested”.

Base Layer: Airblaster Women’s Merino Ninja Suit

Airblaster Women’s Merino Ninja Suit for a warm base layer
Airblaster Women’s Merino Ninja Suit
Made famous by style legend Travis Parker, Airblaster’s Ninja Suit has been around for years, and for snowboarders in the know, is an absolute wardrobe essential. The concept is simple: a base layer onesie that you never want to take off, because it makes you feel like a ninja (and it seals out the snow). This is the latest addition to the line: a deluxe wool version that has all the stretchy, moisture-wicking performance of the original but with extra warmth and natural odour control of their exclusive ‘Woolverino’ Merino blend.

Impact Protection: Slytech No Shock Back Protector

Slytech No Shock Back Protector for better impact protection
Slytech No Shock Back Protector
Whether she’s still learning the basics, or taking on gnarly backcountry lines, there’s no doubt that body armour can make a huge difference when disaster strikes. The downside, of course, is they can be bulky and restrictive: who wants to ride like Robocop? Enter Slytech: their Flexi collection focuses on being lighter, more flexible and thinner than other back protectors on the market, and is made with proprietary smart foam that flexes while you’re riding and stiffens up on impact – definitely a best-of-both-worlds solution.

Riding Pack: Osprey Kresta 30

Osprey Kresta 30
Osprey Kresta 30
British Slopestyle legend Jenny Jones uses one of these, and swears it’s the best pack she’s ever had. Osprey are a Colorado based company who have a huge network of guides and ski patrollers giving them design input – and it shows. There are too many features to list on this mid-size pack, but we particularly love the backpanel access to the main compartment, sternum strap whistle, women-specific ergonomics and the option to carry your board both horizontally (for sledding) and vertically (for touring). Oh, and the blue/green colour scheme is awesome.

Goggles: Anon WM1 MFI

Anon WM1 MFI goggles for snowboarders
Anon WM1 MFI
Goggle design just keeps on getting better and better, and we have to say Anon are making some of the most innovative (and stylish) on the market. Take the WM1 MFI: it’s got possibly the fastest lens change in the game, thanks to Magna-Tech magnet Technology; it’s got ultra high-def Sonar lenses by Zeiss for incredible optics; and best of all (we think), it’s got Magnetic Facemask Integration that seals your Anon facemask to the goggle in one quick snap.

Avalanche Airbag: Pieps JetForce

Avalanche airbag JetForce by Pieps
Pieps JetForce
Avalanche Airbag systems (ABS) have revolutionised safety in the backcountry: simply put, if you’re riding in avalanche-prone terrain an ABS pack will drastically improve your chances of survival by making you less likely to be buried if you’re caught in an avalanche. However, the high cost of replacement gas canisters used in most ABS systems means many users do not practice deploying the airbag: this may explain why 20 percent of avalanche fatalities wearing ABS did not deploy. Enter the JetForce: instead of a gas canister, JetForce uses a high-powered, rechargeable fan to rapidly inflate the bag – 200L in just three seconds. With no cost to deploy, Jetforce users can practice as much as they want, and also deploy with no hesitation at the first sign of danger – something that could make all the difference when disaster strikes.