Fabian Lentsch in Shemshak, Iran

Watch when shark fins turn into shark bites

© Jonas Blum/NINE&ONE/Red Bull Content Pool

Fabian Lentsch and the Snowmads Crew set up camp in Iran – watch Webisode #4 here!

After scoring deep pow in Turkey, paragliding in Georgia and skiing with the locals in Armenia, the Snowmads Crew have arrived in Iran, where they set up camp for a month to explore the country and its endless mountain range. Fabian Lentsch, accompanied by long-time friends Roman Rohrmoser and Tom Leitner, has been here twice before, but is still blown away by the possibilities this country offers.

The Shemshak Ski Resort in the north-east of Tehran has everything a passionate skier could wish for and with the help of Sina Shamyani, a local freeskiing pioneer, the crew scores impressive and sick lines. It's all fun and games until Tom skis over so-called shark fins (thin icy ridges sticking out of the snow) and gets bitten... Diagnosis: a ruptured ACL and a meniscal tear!

Check out webisode #4 in the player above and join Fabi at snowmads.world on his incredible trip through the Balkans.

[Editor's note: Surgery went well and Tom Leitner is ready to come back stronger next season and keep on exploring with the crew...]

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