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Logistx's Big Plans for a Better Dance Community

The Spotlight: How one B-Girl is using her global platform to bring resources to aspiring dancers around the world.
By Dorian Hill
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This edition of The Spotlight is with B-Girl Logan Edra, aka Logistx and her work with Originate Breaking TV, a group working to provide crucial resources to aspiring B-Boys and B-Girls in Kenya and Africa with aspirations to expand across the globe.
Logan 'Logistx' Edra
Logan 'Logistx' Edra
For Logan Edra better known by her B-Girl name Logistx, breaking may be how most people know her name. But that isn't the only thing she wants to be recognized for. She has big plans for the platform that she has built throughout her breaking career.
The B-Girl hailing from San Diego, CA now residing in South Florida got her B-Girl name from her father who came up with the name Logistx because it defined her so well. “I was always the type of kid that needed a schedule, I needed to be organized, I needed to know the plan.”
Nowadays the 18-year-old Logistx is internationally known for her unique dance style which has garnered a large social media following. Something that she doesn't take lightly. She isn't your average teenager with 100k plus followers who is soaking up the attention for herself. She is thinking beyond herself and wants to use her platform to shed light on the things that she feels really matter in this world.
Logistx credits her mom for inspiring her to be so charitable. Her mom had aspirations of joining the Peace Corps but unfortunately, an illness put a halt to those plans. “I tend to see what I'm doing as a way for her to live through me as I'm doing this stuff. She'll always tell me, she's so proud of me and she’s so happy I’m doing what I’m doing. And that's what's continued to inspire me to give back and to reassure that it's okay to give back and that it's the right thing to do.“
From looking at your social media, there’s a sense that you are all about the empowerment of people and wanting to use your platform to spotlight organizations that mean a lot to you. Is there a particular organization that you’d like to spotlight?
Logan: The company that I want to spotlight is Originate Breaking TV. They're actually really good friends of mine. They're an organization in Kibera, which is in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya in Africa. They became active in 2019. Originate Breaking TV does community outreach work to support B-Boys and B-Girls in Nairobi and help provide that community with resources and financial help because it can be really difficult for them.
How did you first hear about Originate Breaking TV?
Logan: I actually first heard about them through one of my friends named Jilou. She's a very good friend of mine. She's another B-Girl that I've battled many times and I've known for a while now. They did an IG live interview with her and then they wanted to do one with me. So they asked her for my contact info. And that's how I got connected with Originate Breaking TV.
What spoke to you about what Originate Breaking TV was doing that made you want to get involved?
Logan: One thing that really spoke to me when I first met them, which was actually through Instagram, was their willingness to provide for their community. Even though they themselves are only two guys that are the main people working in Originate Breaking TV. It's just their willingness to put in the work to help provide for their community despite how young they are. And it felt like almost a reflection because I obviously see myself in them because I’m very young as well. I want to really just share what they are doing and give as much as I can. And that's kind of why I felt like I really want to work with them more. I don't mind helping and building with them and seeing where we go in terms of our relationship. Because now they're like brothers to me, even though we've never met in person. I consider myself a very intuitive person and I got very good energy from them the first time we talked. They're just extremely hard working and they literally overworked themselves just so they can help their community. We've gotten closer to the point where sometimes we'll call even when it's not business-related, just to be there for each other to vent. And I've gotten to know them even more as people. And I just appreciate their values and their hard work and how giving they are.
It's just their willingness to put in the work to help provide for their community despite how young they are. And it felt like almost a reflection because I obviously see myself in them because I’m very young as well.
How are you involved with OBTV?
Logan: They needed help with a fundraiser to provide sanitary towels and other supplies for the B-Girls in Kibera. So I helped them share it on social media and I was able to connect them to other B-Girls to help support the B-Girls over there with the sanitary towels. So that was the first time we had worked together. Then after that fundraiser, we did another fundraiser called Team Share Scholarship Fundraiser, which is currently still happening - PAYPAL: originatebreakingtv@gmail.com. This fundraiser is to help raise money for the B-Boys and B-Girls who go to school in Kibera. It's really difficult for them to pay for their own school fees and have transportation, uniforms, school supplies and anything that they need for school and dance. This is one of my favorite collaborations because I was able to see the impact that we were able to have on at least one of the families that we supported.
How have you been able to lend yourself and your platform to their cause?
Logan: When OBTV presented me with the idea to help raise money for the B-Girls and B-Boys over there to help them stay in school and break, I said I was down and we raised a good amount. That has been a really dope journey. We got support from Red Bull, my own crew Underground Flow, and a lot of my friends and mentors. The Kinjaz, another family-like crew of mine in the dance scene, helped support the fundraiser as well as BreakinMIA here in Florida.
Do you have any future plans for getting more involved with Originate Breaking TV?
Logan: Our Team Share Fundraiser is still open so people can still contribute - PAYPAL: originatebreakingtv@gmail.com. I also have plans to actually go visit Originate Breaking TV in Kenya. And had planned to last year, but obviously that couldn't happen because of all of the COVID stuff. But I definitely plan on going out there to see them in person, dance with them, and just meet them finally. Hopefully within the next year or so we can connect in person and discuss more fundraisers and activities to help.
Who inspired you to be so charitable and give back to the communities that you believe in?
Logan: One of my biggest inspirations is my mom. Because she's always been a very generous, giving and sensitive person. And I think there's even a way that she's inspired me without me knowing. She's always been one of the nicest people that I've ever known in my life. And she's my mom. I think there's a lot of legends that we all look up to. Bob Marley instilled a lot of that not needing the material side of things or just allowing me to see having more material possessions is not something that's so important. And that success in wealth doesn't have to be the definition of success. So there's a lot of these people who have inspired me. A lot of people in hip hop too, women like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and other important women that have inspired me, even Naomi Osaka. She's young and she's a woman athlete that gives back. When she wore the names on her masks at the time when the Black Lives Matter movement was really high with all the protests, that inspired me so much. I just want to do things like that. I want to have compassion, and spread awareness, and show that giving back and supporting each other is important.
Logan 'Logistx' Edra poses for a portrait in Miami, FL.
Logan 'Logistx' Edra poses for a portrait in Miami, FL.


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