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Top 10 places for surfing in Washington you have to check out

Despite its year-round cold water, Washington actually has some of the best surf spots around.
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Whether you're a surfer living in Washington state or you're just a visitor from Long Beach looking to catch some new waves, you can find some amazing surf spots up and down the Washington coast. Although you won't find the same waves here as you would in California or Hawaii, there are plenty of opportunities to experience surfing like you never have before when you hit up these top sand-bottomed surf spots in the Pacific Northwest.

1. La Push

Washington state might not be the first place you think of when you think about surfing, but on the Olympic Peninsula, you'll find some sweet waves at La Push. To get here, just take the Highway 101, also known as La Push Road. Exit on the north side of Forks and follow it to the end. It's about 14 miles until you reach the exposed reef break.
Summer months are the best time of year to surf at La Push, and you should try to show up around mid-tide for the best breaks. This spot isn't usually crowded, but make sure you respect the locals and beware of sharks and riptides. Surfers of all experience levels can enjoy this free, public surfing location to improve their surfing skills.

2. The Jetty

When you're looking for a place to surf with consistent waves throughout the year, head to Westport, Washington, where you'll find Westhaven State Park. This is an ideal spot for surfers of all skill levels. On the north end, there's a jetty that helps to create some big waves for more advanced surfers. On the south end, miles of sandy beaches make a good place for beginners to practice their skills.
Purchase an annual Discovery Pass or pay the daily entrance fee to enjoy the amenities and surfing at this state park. To get here, follow Highway 105 through town and take Jetty Haul Road.

3. The Groins

The Groins is another Westport surfing location that exists thanks to the jetties. Built to protect the marina, five jetties here help to create some amazing long, clean waves when the conditions in Grays Harbor are right.
While this location should be left for more experienced surfers, winds from the south and an incoming tide can make for some great conditions to catch a wave or two. It's an easy-to-find location; just go past the entrance to Westhaven State Park and look for the break wall near town. No entrance fee is required.

4. Half Moon Bay

Because Westhaven has three surf spots that all face different directions, it's a very unique place to ride waves. Half Moon Bay, also called The Cove due to its crescent shape, is the final Westhaven surf spot on this list. Although paddleboarders and beachgoers frequent this bay during the calm summer months, both winter and spring bring large swells that will challenge intermediate and advanced surfers. If you want to surf this beach break, you'll need to pay the daily entrance fee, as it's located within Westhaven State Park.

5. Strait of Juan de Fuca

Are you looking for a secluded spot to surf with fairly consistent waves throughout the fall and winter months? The Strait of Juan de Fuca might be the perfect place for you. This location is known for being unpredictable, however, and is only recommended for the most experienced surfers during certain conditions.
The strait is located between the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island in British Columbia. You can find more than one location to surf along the strait, but keep in mind that some of the beaches are privately owned. A safe bet is to pay the day use fee at the RV park in Crescent City found at 2860 Crescent Beach Road.

6. Shi Shi Beach

You'll have to be dedicated to surf at Shi Shi Beach, as it's a 2-mile hike to get to the waves. If you're willing to join ranks with the rare off-the-beaten-path surfers out there, you'll be rewarded with beautiful views and a pretty secluded location. Make sure you purchase a pass from the Makah Tribe as well as the Olympic National Park rangers to gain access to the beach here. Winter is the best time to surf Shi Shi Beach, as this is when the waves are at their highest. This spot is located on Shi Shi Beach Road in Clallam Bay.

7. Seabrook Beach

Seabrook is a quaint, small town in Washington where almost everything is only a five-minute walk from the beach. It's easy to access the water from the main highway that runs through town, and you can visit Buck's Bikes, which is also a surf shop of sorts, to rent any surfing gear you might need. Surfing here is free and open to the public. If you're an experienced surfer, you'll want to come during the winter months for the best waves. The waves never get too big here, though, making it a good surf spot for a variety of skill levels.

8. Cape Disappointment State Park

At Cape Disappointment State Park, you'll be treated to some of the best ocean views in the Pacific Northwest. This makes it a serene place to put your surfboard in the water. Most surfers head to Waikiki Beach, which is found within the state park. During the winter, the waves here are at their best for surfing. Because this is a state park, you'll need to pay the entrance fee to have access to the beach, but it will be worth every penny no matter when you visit.

9. Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery is another surf spot in Washington with amazing views. This beach is also on the Makah Reservation, so pick up a pass to ensure you're surfing here legally because Makah surfers are very protective of their land. December is the best month to surf here, but you'll find decent waves when the conditions are right all throughout the fall and winter. You'll want to wear a wetsuit when you get in the water here, especially during the colder times of the year.

10. Damon Point

You'll find Damon Point in Grays Harbor near the beach town of Ocean Shores. It's easy to get to. Just head to the end of the peninsula in Damon Point Park and walk south for about 15 minutes until you see the break. Waves here are pretty consistent throughout the year, with larger swells occurring during storms. Because most people head farther up the Washington coast to Westport, you won't find many other surfers here. There's no fee to enter the park, but you will have to park on Marine View Drive and hike to the point.
When you can't make it out to one of these locations, check out these awesome surf videos to get some inspiration and motivation.