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DH racer Tahnée Seagrave talks hitting the right formula for success

When it comes to racing World Cups, athletes give it their all, but sometimes it takes a little bit more to get over the line and win. Tahnée Seagrave explains the adjustments she made to be a winner.
By Faye Brozek and Rajiv Desai
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Tahnée Seagrave

The UK's Tahnée Seagrave is one of downhill …

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Downhill racer Tahnée Seagrave spends the summer pushing the limits of racing at the Mercedes-Benz UCI MTB World Cup. She's among the fastest women out there and at just 24 is part of the new generation in the sport.
Since taking her first World Cup win in Leogang back in 2017, the British rider has racked up a further six race wins on the UCI series. A World Cup overall series win alludes her, but it hasn't been for the want of trying.
Rob Warner caught up with Seagrave at her base in Llanfyllin in North Wales during a period of downtime before the 2020 season for his new Rob Meets series. Watch that meeting of minds in the video above to see Warner and Seagrave discuss what it's like to follow in Rachel Atherton's footsteps and beat her, how she found the right formula for success, plus they review some of Seagrave's past accomplishments.
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Tahnee Seagrave performs at the UCI MTB World Championships in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada on September 1, 2019.
2019 was ruined by injury, but Seagrave did grab a silver medal at Worlds
Family and the benefits of home comforts aren't too far behind in things that have been important in the development of Seagrave's career and her dad, Tony, also makes an appearance in this Rob Meets.
Tahnee Seagrave, Kaos Seagrave and Rob Warner as seen at a MTB trail near Llanfyllin in North Wales.
Kaos, Tahnée and Rob chat downhill in the new Rob Meets series
Want to know how Tahnée typically spends some of her time off-season? Read on below for that insight. It takes a lot of focus and hard work, but that doesn't always have to come at the expense of good times and great cake.

Home Life

A regular start to the day for 'T', as she’s known to her friends, begins with poached eggs, bacon and avocados, as those of you that follow her Instagram account will have seen.
#poachwars is something that her coach, Chris Kilmurray, started in order to ensure that the athletes he trains have a good breakfast every day. He knows that creating something competitive would help the riders to become involved and keep eating healthily.
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Tahnée Seagrave – Downtime

The gym

Coach Kilmurray regularly puts Tahnée and her FMD Racing team-mate and brother, Kaos, through their paces at Harris and Ross in Manchester, England. Harris and Ross is the go-to training facility and physio centre for some of Red Bull's top European athletes. While working with them to develop the core strengths that every successful mountain biker must possess, Kilmurray tracks their performance and monitors progress throughout the year.

Skatepark training

Tahnée likes to mix up her training regimen by throwing in regular skatepark sessions on the hardtail bike. "I never really used to do any of it to be fair, but it's been really helpful with my skills," she admits. Joined by Kaos and Trek Factory rider Kade Edwards, they can often be found shredding the skatepark at Ramp One in Warrington, a town close to Liverpool. With a love of trying new things, she's also tested out her skills on a skateboard.

Down the cafe

A little-known fact about Seagrave is that she has a sweet tooth. One of her favourite things is to go and get cake. The Bay Tree Vintage Tea Room in Welshpool, near her home is her preferred destination. "I'm pretty sure I eat chocolate every day – people underestimate the power of cake, especially chocolate cake."
Tahnée Seagrave eating cake in a cafe in Wales.
Cake is one of Tahnée's favourite things

Shredding with mates

These days, there's never much time for rest in Tahnée’s off-season. Inspired by Kaos and Kade's insatiable thirst to ride and have fun on and off their bikes, uplifting with friends is one of the main weekend activities.
I now ride my bike so much more and have found a new passion for it
Tahnée Seagrave
Keep up with Tahnée, Kaos, Kade and the crew as they take on this year’s Mercedes-Benz UCI Downhill World Cup.
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Tahnée Seagrave

The UK's Tahnée Seagrave is one of downhill …

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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