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This is what real-life Pokémon could look like

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world with these real-life Pokémon?
By Phil Barker
Published on
Millions of people from all walks of life have embraced Pokémon with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, but imagine if our world actually contained real-life Pokémon, transformed from cutesy cartoons to proper animals that we could feed, look after and love (or run away from!).
If it’s a stretch too far for your imagination, thankfully you need look no further than Joshua Dunlop’s Instagram account, with the artist showing off what several classic Pocket Monsters might actually look like if real-world physics was a thing across the likes of Kanto, Johto and the rest of the Pokémon world. From an awesome Wartortle you'd like to keep as your own, to an adorable Oddish that'd look right at home in your garden, and even a ridiculously frightening Diglett that looks more scary than cute, you've got to see these creations.
Not content to simply create Pokémon for Instagram, Dunlop also explains that he’ll be starting up a Kickstarter page in the next couple of months, with the aim to secure enough money to help fund a website called Pokémon Zoology, which will house a veritable digital Noah’s Ark of Pokémon critters based around Dunlop’s artwork.
Curious? You can see Pikachu and friends below, and check out Dunlop’s Facebook, Twitter and Patreon accounts to keep up with his latest artwork.
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