Get in the game with GrandPOObear

© Cameron Baird / The Red Bulletin
By Jen SeePublished on The Red Bulletin
Better known as GrandPOObear, David Hunt, 35, is one of the world’s best, most theatrical speedrunners. Here, he reveals how you, too, can find community online.
After Hunt was seriously injured snowboarding, he wondered how he would replace his favorite sport. A lengthy recovery period meant long hours at home alone. One day, a friend invited Hunt to watch him play Halo via an online stream. To Hunt’s surprise, he was hooked immediately.

Instant friends

“It’s like suddenly having a lot more friends. Whatever your passion is—whether it’s video games or shit-talking Harry Potter or One Direction fan fiction. There may be only 50 people in the world who like what you like, but they’re there on the internet! That’s what’s great.”

Find your people

“Let’s say you’re really interested in Fortnite. Go on Twitch in that category and look for people that you think look cool. It’s like, ‘I’d probably hang out with that person.’ You can kind of tell, right? Then, if you enjoy them, see who they interact with. With a lot of my favorite streamers, I’ve found them because they’re my friends’ favorite streamers.”

Start your own stream

“Nobody’s that great at anything right when they start. It’s really hard to play a video game and talk to 2,000 people at the same time. Especially in gaming, you need to be a part of the community. You can’t just be your own community at first. The first 10 viewers, those are the hardest viewers to get. Get into it to have fun.”

Be yourself

“Don’t feel like you need to be like someone else. You’re always better off appealing to your niche. It’s impossible to please everyone. I don’t know if you have ever been on the internet, but it’s not the nicest, most rational place! Understand what niche you’re in and rock out that niche. And enjoy it. Chances are, if you’re having a good time, so are other people.”