There have been some great moments from OG this season

These are our top 5 OG moments from the DPC season so far

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The Dota Pro Circuit is into its sixth week of competitive action and there have been plenty of memorable moments so far from OG. Here's our pick of the bunch.
By Tom CockramPublished on
Team OG currently sit fifth in the European Upper Division, but tied on score with Team Liquid and Team Nigma above them at 3–3. The stakes couldn't be higher, with the top four making it to the major taking a giant step towards reaching the delayed International 10. OG have found plenty of time and opportunities to make some amazing plays, both solo and as a team, so let's take a look at our favourites so far.

1. Ceb Sniper, OG Combo

Sébastien 'Ceb' Debs kicked off this play with nice forward thinking, hiding in the trees near the opponent's towers to scout when someone teleports in. He managed to snipe the Keeper of the Light, who teleported in with just 260 HP – an important kill because Keeper of the Light had a Force Staff to get people out of OG’s combo, as well as Blinding Light to knock OG away and give them a high miss chance.
Securing this kill before the fight even began meant that OG had a much easier time getting the combination out. Then, Martin ‘Saksa’ Sazdov finished it off with the Naga Siren’s Song of the Siren into the Meteor Hammer, which allowed everyone else to throw the kitchen sink at the enemy team. This was a brilliant display of utilising hero mechanics to gain vision and setting up your team fight to land everything.

2. Vacuum straight into Black Hole

Saksa started this play beautifully by trapping two players in the Power Cogs, followed up by Silence from Topias Miikka ‘Topson’ Taavitsainen. Ceb then vacuumed the enemy heroes into Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein, who Black Holes three of Nigmas’ team, sending them to the shadow realm. This whole play was a series of great spellcasting by OG, a theme in their play.

3. Topson dodge leads to team fight victory

Topson got stunned and looked like he was about to perish, but then, in a moment of recovery, he used Phase Shift and managed to dodge the epic ultimate from EarthShaker, keeping him alive and enabling him to lock everyone down with the Dream Coil. To top things off, Ceb ran into the fight and managed to get three of Nigma caught with the Wall of Replica and Vacuum combination. A fight that looked to be off to a great start for Nigma, with them finding Topson and stunning him, resulted in a team fight loss because of the Phase Shift and beautiful follow up.

4. Topson three-man stun sets Ceb up for the alley-oop

Another play that involves Monkey King but this time Topson is playing it. The play starts off with Topson leaping into the enemies and stunning three of them with one very thin skill shot. Ceb follows up on Topson’s great stun by catching two of the retreating enemies and pushing them back into the OG squad who demolish them. This fight began with OG losing their captain and could have easily meant they retreated, but in true OG fashion they dived after their enemies and secured revenge for N0Tail. Another set of perfect spell casting by the OG boys.

5. Topson dominates Boom in the mid lane

The final spot in this list sees no other than Topson destroying his enemy counterpart in the mid lane. In the current state of the game, it’s become less and less common for a professional player to get destroyed in the mid lane, instead often resulting in a draw. As Kevin ‘Purge’ Godec puts it: “I haven’t seen a one-sided mid match-up in a long time”.
The game ended with securing just seven kills in a 30-minute game. Also impressive, Topson would play Ember Spirit against the Void Spirit the very next game against and draw the lane with Boom. Although this was just one match-up, it definitely makes a strong case for Topson being one of the best mid -lane players currently in the DPC.
OG have one more series to play in the DPC season and each game will be very important as Europe is within touching distance, with lots of teams sitting with scores around 3-2, 3-3 or 2-3. While OG look like they’ll secure a top-four finish – enough for the major – the difference between the spots is massive.
Third and fourth place have to play in a wildcard tournament and place in the top two to get into the group stage. First place makes it into the major playoffs straight away, and second place will have to play through the group stage first.
OG’s remaining game is against Team Secret on February 24. If these plays have shown us anything, it’s that OG are more than up for the challenge.