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Video Classics: Riders on The Storm


Steve Gruber discusses his favourite part, Terje and Roach, from Fall Film's Riders On The Storm.

What is your favourite video section from the past?

Riders on the Storm from Fall Line Films, the last part with Chris Roach and Terje Haakonsen riding in Chile 

What makes this part stand out as your favourite video section?

I don't know, I just had a really good memory of it and when I watch it now, I still get the feeling that I want to go riding. It was epic for me to see that there is powder all year long, somewhere.

Steve Gruber
Steve Gruber

How old were you when this video part came out and did it inspire you to ride more like them?

I guess around 17 and yeah maybe a little bit, because I thought that this must be the best thing to do. What these two are doing, hanging with a friend in fresh pow, jumping cliffs and slay some freshies, with no one around and the sun is shining.

This is a classic release, do you feel videos were better from this era?

That´s hard to say. I guess yes, because only the best riders had the chance to get a video part back then. Basically there were only professionals involved and the opportunities for amateur filmers and riders were limited. But of course the riding and the quality of the film material are much better now.

Timeless Terje
Timeless Terje

What are the standout tricks in this part?

Bs Air with his thumb up, into the powder.

Do you still watch this part online today?

Not really, but it was great to check it out now on the net.

Have you got the song from this part on your current Itunes?

No, that´s a bummer.

If you ever spoke to the rider about this part and got to ask him one question about it, what would you ask?

How much fun was this trip?