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Watch Now: Lindsey Vonn's 'The Climb' Documentary

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By Marion Schmitz
Share Vonn’s emotional journey back to the top – and get to know her more personally than ever.
American downhill skier Lindsey Vonn celebrating winning the opening round of the 2014/15 World Cup at Lake Louise, Canada.
The moment of victory
Lindsey Vonn is the most successful woman in the history of skiing, and has been all over the media in recent weeks – for good reason. When you break a 35-year-old world record nonchalantly almost immediately after returning from a two-year injury-related break, the press will certainly have a few questions for you.
However, all these news stories only show Lindsey's public persona. In this documentary, 'Lindsey Vonn: The Climb,' we go behind the scenes and get to know Lindsey in a close-up and very personal way. Join her on every step of her recovery as she combats pain and doubt, working hard to progress in her rehabilitation only to experience a crushing setback with a new injury.
Follow Lindsey into the operating room, the performance center and during her first intimidating trials on the snow, all the way to the glorious success of her first race win after her return.

Watch the full documentary below:

Vonn was on board from day one to allow full transparency in filming this documentary. "The last two years have been filled with some of the biggest ups and downs of my career, and I’m excited to share this story with my fans," she says. "This is the most inside look I’ve ever given to my world, and I hope it inspires others who are going through challenges to keep getting back up when they are down..."
In 'The Climb,' you’ll see Lindsey the daughter, the sister and the friend, throughout the intense rollercoaster of her comeback.
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