Red Bull Creepers at Puente la Reina-Gares
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What the hell is... Red Bull Creepers

Get to grips with a deep-water soloing competition with a difference in northern Spain.
By Chris Stanton
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So, Red Bull Creepers… what’s the big idea? Not to be confused with a type of footwear which would be of no use whatsoever, or indeed a type of garden foliage with a similar trajectory, Red Bull Creepers 2014 is in fact a deep-water soloing (otherwise known as psicobloc – more on that later) competition that took place on a bridge in Puente la Reina in northern Spain last weekend. The town lies between Pamplona and Estella on the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) – the pilgrimage route that winds up in Santiago de Compostela... You can see why it's such a brilliant concept from the action clip below.
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The best action from Red Bull Creepers in Spain
So, the event drew a devoted crowd? You could say that. Up to 400 pilgrims cross the bridge daily and, when it came to the day of the climbing competition, spectators crowded terraces, canoes, rafts, and the river bank.
Red Bull Creepers winner Chris Sharma
Red Bull Creepers winner Chris Sharma
Who was crazy enough to try it? Fourteen of the world’s best climbers, that’s who! Among them was Chris Sharma, Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Nalle Hukkataival and Rustam Gelmanov. The event was won in the end by 33-year-old Californian Sharma who climbed the route (that has an assigned difficulty grade of 8c) a total of three times.
Psicobloc sounds trying... Should I consult a psychiatrist? Only if you’ve absolutely no climbing experience and you think scaling a tall bridge is a good idea. Otherwise known as deep-water soloing, it is, as the latter would suggest, solo climbing above something that if you happen to fall off is not likely, besides a dent to your pride, to cause serious injury.
DO SAY: That bridge looks suitable for a climb, let’s give it a go! DON’T SAY: I’ve come adrift.
Red Bull Creepers at Puente la Reina-Gares
Red Bull Creepers at Puente la Reina-Gares
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