DJ Azuhl

Top Tracks for B-boys: DJ Azuhl

The hip hop dj and producer shares some of his favourite breaks to play at b-boy competitions.

Kero One - Spanish Joint

Kero One is a Korean-American hip hop MC, producer, and DJ from San Francisco, California. Kero One has been recognized for re-introducing the jazz rap sound in the early to mid-2000s. His stuff is so soulful, I just love it.

DJ Chief - B Murder

DJ Chief runs Black Label Breaks out in the USA and he produces his own breaks with elements of original breaks, snippets of identifiable hip hop tracks and his own flavor. Excited to be working with him later this year on a joint project.

DJ Ready D - Get Ready to Rumble

Taken off his experimental b-boy inspired album 'Big Air Society.' The track is just the perfect upbeat b-boy battle anthem with that sample that everyone knows, 'Let's ready to rumble!!!'

GZA - The Mexican

Just because it samples a famous b-boy break and one of my fav hip hop emcees from one of my fav hip hop groups, Wu-Tang Clan


Been working on my own break that's South African inspired - I think it's time we break away from 'traditional' breaks. Hip Hop is evolutionary in nature and if we are the cradle of civilization we need to bring our own music to the fore more.This one is 'Ghoema' inspired making it proudly South African.

Written by Themba Kriger