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New South African Gaming Streamers you want to keep an eye out for

South Africa’s streaming community has, for some time, been rather quiet. However, in 2017 the local streaming fraternity seemed to mushroom into something pretty spectacular.
Written by Sam Wright
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There are a handful of South African gaming streamers who are regularly live on their respective channels and introduce you to a range of new content or just fun gaming. Below are a few that we’ve found that may be of interest to you and possibly good ones to add to your follow library.
Dangerous Dave
Dave is a writer at SA Gamer and also heads up the YouTube channel Super2bit. In recent months he has started live streaming gameplay to his Facebook page. You can watch that here. He offers a mix of gaming titles including PUBG, CODWWII and even the new Star Wars Battlefront. The streams are mixed between new releases and fan favourites.
The reason you should watch? Dave is hella entertaining, a damn good shoot and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is naturally funny and engaging. If you watch till the end of the streams you might also get to hear him sing and dance to a horrible theme tune he created. It’s worth it. Every time.
UF Disciple
UF Disciple is easily South Africa’s biggest technology Youtuber with a subscriber base of more than 50 000. His content is for the hardcore technophile and is likely not of interest to those less interested in Bitcoin Mining or CPUs. BUT, he has recently dipped his toes into live gaming streams. You can find UF Disciple on most evenings jumping in on games with other South African streamers. Every so often he does tech focused streams as well.
The reason you should watch? UF Disciple is extremely clued up on all stuff tech but his gaming streams are entertaining. The fact that he tends to play a variety of games with some of South Africa’s well known streamers is also a drawcard. You’ll quickly begin to feel part of a small community and want to play with them too!
Samplayze doesn’t follow the crowd and rather live streams fan favourites including Fifa 17, GTA V, Battlefield 1 and the most under recognised game of 2017, Titanfall 2. His great taste in games is complimented by his lovable personality. He live streams on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
The reason you should watch? Sameplayze has flown under the radar for the most part but we have a strong feeling that come 2018 this guy is going to blow up. His content is fresh, fun and relatable. Watching his live stream is like hanging with your best friend.
GeeMax is a well known South African shoutcaster and Twitter fiend. After dabbling in a host of titles he seems to have found his mark playing the likes of Project Cars and Forza. While he spends way too much time modding cars his likeable streams and laid back attitude make for viewing. You can visit his Twitch channel here but will only be able to view content when he goes live. Unfortunately his music choices mean he can’t leave past streams up. Hopefully he’ll fix that one soon.
The reason you should watch? GeeMax is a huge esports fan and gaming fanatic. His streams are a mix of entertaining game play and local gaming scene commentary which most will enjoy and find somewhat educating. His production is also on point and he is happy to assist wannabe streamers with their own set ups when they jump in to chat.
Malachaai’s live streams are laid back and fun. The Cape Town native stays away from traditionally popular titles such as PUBG and focuses primarily on indies, platformers and action adventure games. She throws in Switch content from time to time as well. You also won’t see her face in her streams but rather full game play with commentary voiced over that.
The reason you should watch? For starters Malachaai has the smoothest voice you’ll likely hear and it has a sort of magic to it. Her love for the games she plays is clear in her streams and her community is welcoming and fun.
Pacman 10154
Pacman is a well known South African CSGO player who graced the competitive scene for most of 2017. During that time he moved into live streaming and is now well on his way to establishing himself as a firm favourite in the local gaming stream fraternity. He predominantly plays CSGO and PUBG on his YouTube channel, with a few big name streamers regularly dropping by in the comments during live broadcasts.
The reason you should watch? Not only is Pacman a likeable guy who is easy to engage with but he is also one of South Africa’s top professional gamers. This makes his game play fast paced and entertaining for most - giving you a glimpse into how the professionals get on in FPS titles.
Tales of Lumin
Lumin has an extremely active gaming channel on YouTube with more than 30 000 subs. His live streams are a mix of popular titles including Overwatch, Fall Out 4, The Witcher 3 and even Hearthstone. His live streams allow you to watch him play through games but the channel also has a mix of how to's and game commentary you can enjoy. He also walks you through a lot of the games which makes it not only educational but also entertaining.
The reason to watch? Lumin has some great live stream playthroughs which are a refreshing change to the usual online gaming streams we tend to see. His personality is random and yet infectious and you’ll enjoy the journey with him as he streams.