How To Watch Red Bull Airborne Bali Livestream

© Laurent Masurel/WSL/Red Bull Content Pool
Written by Kim Oswell
Once the coverage of Red Bull Airborne in Bali starts, you don't want to miss a second. Here's how to tune in to the livestream.
  • Who: 18 Championship Tour surfers, underground talents and local wildcards.
  • What: Red Bull Airborne Bali was created by Josh Kerr to give surfers another platform to show off their aerial surfing talent. Each air is scored and judged on a 0-10 scale, even if a surfer completes multiple airs on one wave. The airs are scored on completion, commitment, degree of difficulty, innovative and progressive maneuvers, style, speed, power, height and technicality.
  • When: The date is a moving target, but it takes place in conjunction within the waiting period of specific World Tour events — and it's only four hours total.
  • Where: Keramas Beach, Bali. This is the second stop of the Red Bull Airborne 2019 season.
So, how do you get in on all the Red Bull Airborne action? Tune in to Red Bull TV for the full broadcast.