It's wild down south

Watch as Jordy Smith and Ricky Basnett go wave hunting at home

© Dane Staples

These two shredders have been pushing each other since the day they could stand on a board. Countless waves have been ridden in the two-odd decades since, but nothing much has changed, really...

A mystic pointbreak turned on when Jordy Smith was at home in South Africa taking some time out in the pre-season. He called up old sparring partner Ricky 'Bobby' Basnett and the two went on a mission.

While the action speaks for itself, we thought it apt to pick Ricky's brain after the fact:

Let’s talk about evolution - how your and Jordy’s careers have evolved into different things. From grom rivals to fellow pros. He is now a top contender on the World Tour and you’ve evolved into a dad, free surfer and shaper. Yet, watching the clip you could still be on tour! You definitely have the better gig though, right? hahaha…

Hahah, yeah I reckon my gig is pretty sweet at the moment, although I wouldn't mind making my bank balance look more like Jordy’s! It’s pretty strange, we both followed the same path as laaitjies, I think the only difference is that my heart was never truly into comps, and it showed pretty quick once I made the so-called ‘Dream Tour.’ I often wonder how things might've turned out if I didn't go balls to the wall and just focussed on competing instead. Probably boring as hell hahahah! No, I'm really stoked to be where I am today, doing what I do. At the same time, I’m also super proud of what Jordy has achieved in his career so far, it’s f*ckin ridiculous actually! Hopefully we get to do more epic little trips like this one soon...

Still frothing!
Still frothing!

How good is it to connect with Jordy after a some time?

To be honest it felt like no time had passed at all, it's kinda like that with some people, you know? Like you don’t really see someone for 10 years and it’s like you can just pick up where you left off, those are the best kinda relationships.

Did you guys get back into the same old routine? (Like, was there a bit of competition)?

Shit ja! I don’t think there's anyone else on the planet who pushes me as much as he does, although I'll never let it show, hahaha! It was epic trading waves again. I feel like we have very similar approaches to waves, so when I see him do something I wanna go and do it bigger! (Although most likely not, he is like seven feet tall…)

What that wave is all about
What that wave is all about

Do you still ride conventional boards? Or is that shit just boring?

I love riding everything! It really just depends on my mood, sometimes I get super lazy and mellow and just wanna ride my stand-up bodyboard and slide down the line, or cruise on a twin. Then I’ll go through stages where I wanna surf like the ou's on tour again and ill be riding my performance boards from Haydenshapes. But ja, I would get insanely bored only riding conventional boards, that would suck!

About that wave. It doesn’t get good very often, but when it’s on it’s epic. Not a massive secret any more but still so worth the mission right? Places like that deserve to be protected?

It's easily one of the best points I've surfed, and it's all the more special cause it hardly ever breaks. Those kinda waves and missions you remember for ages, and places like that deserve to be protected for sure. Loved it!

Bobby's rail game is tighter than ever
Bobby's rail game is tighter than ever

If you had to give Jordy some advice for the year, what would that be?

Advice from me??? HAHAHAHAHA I have the record for losing every heat I surfed last time I was on tour! My advice would be this: 'Have a jol, life ain't so serious!'