Erik Guay

Canada"Skiing feels like you’re floating, yet in complete control"Skiing
  • Born
    5 August 1981
    Quebec, Canada
  • Disciplines
    • Alpine Skiing Downhill
    • Alpine Skiing Super G

Alpine skier Erik Guay began his ski career on the slopes of Mont Tremblant, and has gone on to become one of the most successful Canadian skiers of all time.

One of Erik Guay's first memories is of snow: it was 30ºC below zero in Mont Tremblant in January 1986 and he was just four years old and out sledging with the family. Since that time, snow, ice and adrenaline rushes have featured heavily in Erik’s life.

"There’s nothing like skiing in the world," he raves. "When you’re doing a downhill and you’re going 165kph, and you lean in as far as you can and you just can’t go in far enough with all the g-force. Then you accelerate out of the turn and you’re trying to get everything you can out of it. It’s such an amazing feeling, like you’re floating and in complete control."

Erik was five when he competed in his first ski race and, when he was 12, his father, himself a ski team coach, took him for professional coaching. Even today, they still sit together to study the video footage of Erik's runs, puzzling over the decisive fractions of a second: "Dad's my hero," says Erik. "He taught me everything I know."

His reward: a collection of World Cup podiums, victories,  crystal globes and World Championship medals. Is there anything left to dream of, we ask? "A Ferrari Enzo and a castle in Whistler," he answers.