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How to start competing in South African esports in 2018

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You’ve got the rig, the game time and the team. Your mates and you spent your December break bootcamping and soldiering through all night LANs. It is now time to enter the world of competitive esports

Luckily for you, the South African esports scene already has some competitions you can enter no matter your skill level - which is a great stepping stone to lead on to being the next Bravado Gaming or eNergy Esports (those are some of the top local MGOs by the way, get familiar with them because they’ll be the teams you’ll need to beat if you want that sweet sweet cash dollar).

2018 is already off to a flying start with a host of tournaments and competitions open for registration. Starting off with the community champs: The African Cyber Gaming League (or ACGL) ran some events throughout December and is set to keep hosting their monthly small tournaments in the new year. ACGL runs regular online friendlies and scrims which are a great introduction for new players and teams who want to get some competitive time in. They’re also short format which is far less terrifying than signing up to VS Gaming’s all year long league. The ACGL events will give you the game time you need and allow you to hone your skills while also tweaking your team to ensure you’re at optimal gaming potential.

ACGL has various competitions across titles but if you’re a Call of Duty fan or a Rocket League hidden talent you may want to keep up to date with their schedule here.

While we’re on the topic of Call of Duty, towards the end of 2017 South African esports production company Mettlestate announced they’d be hosting a local COD league with a R50 000 prize pool this year. Potentially a good place to start for console competitors. Mettlestate will also be hosting the WESG Qualifiers for Southern Africa. The qualifiers will take place for Dota 2, CSGO, Hearthstone and Starcraft. Any teams can enter so long as all members are from the same country. The top seed of each title will win a spot in the final in China. While this might seem daunting for a new Esports team this is actually a great place to get game time and experience against stronger opponents. Any team can sign up here but you need to do it before 16 January.

Finally if you’re new to the competitive Esports scene locally, happen to love Player Unknown: Battlegrounds (PUBG) and looking for a good place to start getting in game time then you need to take a look at Orena’s scrim nights on a Thursday. They allow you to get used to the SQUAD FPP tournament setting and get some game time in before this title takes off as the next big Esports game.

The online competitions are waiting for you to enter and as we progress through 2018 the prize pools will get bigger. Your game time is now.